There is no doubt that this criminal Albert Bailey is one of the world’s dumbest criminals. This man and his partner planned to accomplish a mission that was for a bank robbing. In this case, it seems that they didn’t plan anything or haven’t done any stealing before even for an ice-cream.

Here comes the funniest moment, these two robbers called the bank before they entered it that they are coming to rob it. I mean, what could be funnier than this incident where all the bank’s employees know that the robber is on the way and they have enough time to call the cops.

This incident took place in Connecticut, and according to these thieves, they warned the bank, so bank got threatened and collected the money for these two robbers in advance.

What a sensible mind of these two talented robbers. After a few minutes, Bailey sent his partner into the bank with a note to tell them that these are the same robbers who just called.

Later, the police handled all the situation, and Bailey with his partner among these world’s dumbest criminals got arrested and charged with first-degree robbery and nine years in prison.

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