Amtrak Cancels All Long-Distance Travel Ahead Of Possible Nationwide Railroad Strike

Amtrak announced cancellations of all long-distance train routes this week ahead of a nationwide railroad strike that could begin as soon as Friday.

BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific announced embargoes on certain shipments earlier this week as negotiations continue with multiple rail unions. Amtrak, whose employees are not involved with the negotiations, operates largely on track maintained and dispatched by freight companies.

Amtrak is “hopeful that parties will reach a resolution,” although the company “has now begun phased adjustments to our service in preparation for a possible freight rail service interruption later this week,” according to a statement provided to Reuters.

Trains servicing Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, New Orleans, San Francisco, and other major cities are subject to cancellation. Amtrak will only operate trains this week if they “will have enough time to reach their final destinations” before Friday.

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Two Children Almost Taken From Mother After Using Taco Bell’s Wi-Fi for School

Two young girls were almost taken from their mother after Taco Bell employees discovered them using the fast-food restaurant’s Wi-Fi for school. The viral photo shows employees at a Taco Bell in Salinas, California, attempting to talk to the two girls as they’re sitting outside with their homework and laptops.

The photo sparked concern over the children’s lack of resources and the digital inaccessibility in lower-income communities.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin de León tweeted the photo and called out the digital divide in California.

“This is California, home to Silicon Valley…but where the digital divide is as deep as ever,” León said. “Where 40% of all Latinos don’t have internet access. This generation deserves better.”

While some were alarmed by the kids’ lack of resources, some were concerned over the children’s well-being. Child Protective Services conducted a welfare check but found no signs of neglect or abuse.

After hearing that the family couldn’t pay rent, local community members stepped in and put the family in a hotel before launching a GoFundMe. Salinas City Elementary School District, where the two girls are students, said it’s working to supply internet hotspots.

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63% of small business are now on hiring freeze, 10% laying off employees

The demand for labor in small businesses in the U.S. hit record-low in August as 63 percent are now putting their hiring on hold because they can’t afford to augment their workforce. Also, 10 percent of small businesses laid off employees last month.

These numbers were based from a recent Alignable Research Center poll. For comparison, 45 percent of small businesses had hiring freeze and four percent fired employees in July.

A total of 5,618 small business employers participated in the poll from Aug. 13 to Sept. 6. About 60 percent of the entrepreneurs said freezing hiring and firing their employees were inevitable as labor costs are at least 50 percent higher than they were pre-Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Twenty-nine percent lamented that payroll costs have doubled. Almost half of the respondents stated that they halted hiring due to economic factors, including general inflation, labor costs and fears of a recession. By state, 75 percent of New York small businesses stopped hiring, 74 percent in Ohio, and 68 percent in Pennsylvania.

Some 66 percent of small business owners say the country “is in a recession for sure,” with 28 percent adding it feels more like a “depression.”

Moreover, only 23 percent of small business owners say they have fully recovered financially from the worst years of COVID, which declined by two percent from July and down 20 percent from December 2021. This recovery rate is the lowest the Alignable Research Center has seen in more than a year. (Related: THANKS, BIDEN: Small businesses struggle as highest inflation in decades wrecks US economy.)

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FORCE MAJEURE: Massive global shutdowns are now under way for METALS SMELTING operations covering iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL

(Natural News) Without metals and industrial elements — steel, copper, aluminum, iron ore, nickel, zinc, titanium, etc. — human civilization cannot exist. Nearly all manufacturing is dependent on metals for industrial processes. Even plastics cannot be made without metals for the injection molding, and aluminum and copper are required for all electrical systems, both commercial and residential.

Yet right now, aluminum, copper and steel plants are shutting down worldwide. We’ve compiled a list (see below) of just some of the shutdowns so far this year.

Some shutdowns are happening under “force majeure” declarations. Others cite sky-high energy prices, and yet others say there’s not enough demand as the global economy implodes (by design).

In today’s podcast (below), I cover the global shut downs of metals smelting and fabrication operations, revealing the shocking global trend of the dismantling of infrastructure that keeps humanity alive. Note that this is happening in parallel with global shutdowns of:

  • Food, fertilizer and agriculture
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Housing

Thus, billions of human beings are being thrust into a scenario where they face unemployment, bankruptcy, starvation and freezing temperatures, even as their own (western) governments plot against them to maximize suffering and death.

Below, find the full list of metals and steel plants that have so far shut down around the world. But first, here’s the Situation Update podcast that gets into this (and much more), covering the day’s explosive news items with analysis and commentary:

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Bashundhara Bitumen to be used for Padma Bridge link road, Payra Port

Chinese engineering firm Xing Xu Construction Company Limited (XCCL) will use Bashundhara Bitumen in Payra Port, Padma Bridge link road and Cox’s Bazar airport extension projects.

Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Limited (BOGCL) signed an agreement with the reputed construction agency on Saturday to supply world-class bitumen to their present and upcoming projects.

Xing Xu Construction Managing Director Liang Jusheng and Bashundhara Group Managing Director’s Secretary Maksudur Rahman signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on behalf of their respective sides at a function at Bashundhara Industrial Headquarters -1 in the capital.
Liang Jusheng termed the agreement with Bashundhara Group as an honour for the China engineering company.

“We have been involved in several constructions for human dispatching in Bangladesh since our arrival  to the country seven years ago. There are different projects including airport, land and sea ports. We are very happy to work with Bashundhara (Group),” he said.

The chief executive believes the both companies will have more chance to explore cooperation in different tires towards a great future.

BOGCL has agreed to supply penetration 60/70 grade bitumen according to their requirement at market rate.

On behalf of the company, Maksudur Rahman expressed gratitude to Xing Xu Construction for signing the memorandum of understanding for procuring Bashundhara bitumen for their projects.

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New York Store Is Selling ‘Wet Pants Denim’ For $75


  • A New York-based company is selling jeans designed with permanent piss stains.
  • According to Wet Pants Denim, their products aim to “mimic the aesthetic of urinary incontinence without the commonly associated discomfort.”
  • Some people “have a fetish wherein they pee their pants because they like the way it looks,” added the company’s CEO.

We’ve seen a lot of strange fashion products being sold on the web but this has one of the craziest ever. Apparently, an online store from New York is selling jeans that look like you’ve literally pissed yourself.

Sounds disgusting, you say? Well, wait until you see the pics below!

“Wet Look, Dry Feel.”

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Jetstar NZ Wrongly Asks Passenger If She’s Pregnant

Jetstar New Zealand has had to apologise to a female passenger after asking her how far along in her pregnancy she was when it turns out she was not pregnant.

Grethe Anderson, 24, was flying from Wellington to Auckland in New Zealand for a weekend away with her friends when a flight attendant came up to her and mumbled something she could not hear.

The flight attendant then motioned to her stomach and said, “How many weeks are you?”, leaving Anderson both humiliated and self-conscious, as she was not pregnant.

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Canadian Gold Miner Set To Acquire Four Zim Mines

CANADA based miner, Zephyr Minerals Limited, is set to acquire four gold mines in Zimbabwe.

In a statement to shareholders this week, the company said it had “investigated 12 potential gold projects throughout” the country over the past seven months.

“Management has concentrated on projects with proven gold potential as demonstrated through active, shallow, small scale mining operations or previous exploration work, and based on property size, the ability to host a target potential of at least one million ounces of gold,” reads the statement.

“Based on these parameters, of the 12 properties evaluated, four high priority gold properties are being aggressively pursued for acquisition/joint venture.”

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The volume of services in trade amounts to almost 6 trillion UZS

In January 2022 in Uzbekistan, the volume of trade services in the structure of the common services market amounted to 5.998 trillion UZS (25.3%).

According to the State Statistics Committee, in January 2021, their volume was equal to 4.9 trillion UZS.

As previously reported, in January construction work was completed in Uzbekistan for almost 7 trillion UZS.

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