Mike Pence knocks Trump and lays the groundwork for possible presidential run

Former Vice President Mike Pence has spent the past week outmaneuvering Donald Trump, his old boss and potential 2024 primary opponent.

Shortly after the plane Trump was flying on last weekend was forced to land due to an engine failure, Pence flew to Israel on the private jet of the GOP’s most prized donor, Miriam Adelson. And while Trump was avoiding criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin in a call-in interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Pence and his wife, Karen, flew to the border between Ukraine and Poland to distribute relief aid to refugees.

Ukrainian refugees on a bridge at the buffer zone with the Polish border on March 6. (Daniel Leal/AFP via Getty Images)

In perhaps the most telling indication that the political dynamic between the two men has shifted, Pence implicitly hit Trump at a Republican National Committee speech last Friday, saying the GOP should not include any “apologists for Putin.”

“Welcome to the front end of the Pence boomlet,” said veteran Republican pollster Michael Cohen, who has no relation to the former Trump lawyer. “Who had a better week or past few weeks than Pence? I mean, it’s not even close.”

When Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, he not only resolidified the old Western alliances formed in the wake of World War II, he also shook up the Republican Party’s power dynamics, at least temporarily.

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Supreme Court wants to ‘promote Christianity,’ ‘end separation of church and state,’ Politico guest essay says

ABC News legal contributor Kimberly Wehle claimed in a Politico op-ed Wednesday that the conservative Supreme Court justices are aiming to impose a religious, Christian view on the United States.

“Justice Alito doesn’t think society is Christian enough. Recent court decisions show how he intends to remedy that,” read the subtitle.

Wehle argued that the recent decisions on the Dobbs, Carson and Kennedy cases show that “religious conservatives” seek to “undermine the bedrock concept of separation of church and state and to promote Christianity as an intrinsic component of democratic government.”

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De Blasio hints indoor dining won’t return in NYC until COVID-19 vaccine

By  Julia Marsh and Lia Eustachewich August 31, 2020 12:38pm 

The resumption of indoor dining in New York City hinges on a “huge step forward” — like the development of a coronavirus vaccine, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The mayor sounded less than optimistic that eatery owners and workers would be able to start earning a living again — and diners able to enjoy a meal inside an eatery — before the June 1, 2021, return date, set earlier this month.

“We do expect — and pray for and expect — a vaccine in the spring that will allow us to get more back to normal,” he said at his daily press briefing, “but I will absolutely tell you, we’re going to keep looking for that situation where we can push down the virus enough where we would have more ability to address indoor dining.”

De Blasio’s grim message came despite the city recording a 0.59 percent COVID-19 infection rate — “one of our lowest” rates since March, he said Monday.

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Franklin Graham warns socialist left will ‘close the Church down’: ‘The storm is coming’

Prominent evangelical leader Franklin Graham says that the Democratic Party is “opposed to faith” and warns that the left will “close the Church down in many places” should the United States fall into the embrace of socialism. 

Graham, the president of Samaritan’s Purse and the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, sat down with CBN News correspondent David Brody last Friday to discuss the Democratic and Republican conventions that took place over the past two weeks.

He also discussed his upcoming Washington Prayer March that will take place at the end of September in Washington, D.C.

“The Democrats, if anything, they are opposed to faith,” Graham asserted after being asked to compare and contrast the major parties’ positions on faith. 

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Activist in the classroom: English teacher gives ‘lesson’ teaching students that Republicans are fascists and undemocratic

(Natural News) Another public school teacher has been busted propagandizing students with left-wing hate.

According to photos and other information posted online and reported by The Washington Examiner, the English teacher from Madison High School in San Diego was giving a lesson on ‘fascism’ (what happened to teaching English?) and compared the Republican Party to the ideology, though by any fair definition, today’s left-wing Democrat Party is the textbook definition of the authoritarian belief system. A photo taken by a student shows that the teacher wrote on the dry-erase board that the “modern-day Republican Party” and “white, Christian, heterosexuals” comprise “fascists.”

“Immediately, I walk in and notice on the board, it says, ‘The Republican Party is the fascist party, and it does not fit the mold of a Democratic Party,’” a student told the outlet. “It’s the first thing I saw when I came in.”

The student snapped a photo of the board, which read: “As it is currently constituted, the Republican Party is now a fascist organization that no longer fits the category of a conventional Democratic Party.”

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Revealed: Facebook illegally SPIES on private messages of users who question 2020 election or express anti-government sentiment, REPORTS them to Feds

(Natural News) Facebook has proven once again that the platform is not only part of the deep state, but also the all-powerful national security apparatus that has become a modern-day version of all-intrusive Big Brother.

According to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, the platform has been spying on users and reporting them to federal officials if they express doubts about the 2020 election or any anti-government sentiments in private chats. And of course, all of the spying has been taking place outside of the constitutionally mandated process.

“Under the FBI collaboration operation, somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposedly subversive private messages over the past 19 months and transmitted them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operational unit at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, without a subpoena,” Devine wrote, citing Justice Department sources who blew the whistle on the spying.

Said a source on condition of anonymity, “It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause.” The source added: “Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena.”

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Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans, Even Most Democrats, Say Biden’s Attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’ Are Dividing The Country: Survey

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, including a surprisingly large majority of Democrats, believe the   Biden   administration’s attacks on so…

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, including a surprisingly large majority of Democrats, believe the Biden administration’s attacks on so-called “MAGA Republicans” are dividing the country.

According to a survey of 1,277 U.S. adults, conducted by I&I/TIPP between September 7-9, nearly two-thirds of Americans, 62% agreed that the White House’s attacks on so-called “MAGA Republicans” increase division in the country, while just 29% disagreed. Majorities of Americans also agreed that Biden’s attacks on “MAGA Republicans” endangers Americans’ First Amendment Rights, and was a politically biased use of the office.

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Modern Prophecy A New Capital For The USA

The summary of this prophecy is, because of how absolutely vile, corrupted, and evil Washington, DC is, with its streets and halls of leadership filled with the blood of the innocent, God is going to move the US captial to a whole other location in the USA.  Some have proposed New York, Manhattan, and some other places.  There’s even a new White House in Colorado State, hinting that it might be moved there.  However, an exact location won’t be known until the move happens.  We only know at this time that it will be moved to a new location in the USA.  As to what will happen to the old one when that move happens, that’s not known at this time.

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Leftist Group Offers ‘Bounties’ for Conservative Supreme Court Justices

Two days after leftists harassed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a Washington, D.C., restaurant, the group ShutDownDC said it wil…

Two days after leftists harassed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a Washington, D.C., restaurant, the group ShutDownDC said it will pay a bounty for its next chance to find one of the justices who overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Kavanaugh was joined by Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and John Roberts in ruling that the 1973 decision legalizing abortion amounted to an incorrect interpretation of the Constitution.

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