Welcome to “2022 Battlefield America.” I’m Mike Adams, the founder of
Brighteon.com and Brighteon.tv. In this docuseries, we’re going to be interviewing Steve Quayle, author and expert, who knows what’s about to happen, because he’s been writing about it for over two decades. In this docuseries, we’re going to be talking about cyber warfare and its impacts on domestic America, social chaos, the vaccine die-off, biological weapons, war with Russia, the global currency reset and
even cryptocurrency crashes. We’re going to cover Transhumanism, demonic influence and infestation of our world leaders, as well as the collapsing food supply chain, starvation, famine and increased desperation in America and around the world due to the events that have been weaponized against humanity. Each episode of this exclusive docuseries is free to view, and it’s available on Brighteon.com, and Brighteon.tv. Let’s jump right into Part 1, the European theater of war and the risk of World War with Russia.


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