A 98-year-old care home resident in the UK has been gifted an official Royal Mail postman’s uniform so that he can look the part while delivering mail to residents.

Ray Stanley / Upton Bay Care Home

Ray Stanley took it upon himself to deliver the mail to the residents at Upton Bay Care Home (UBCH) in Poole after moving into the facility.

However, the role is not easy for a 98-year-old man as the care home has three floors.

Stanley wished for a uniform to reflect his hard work, and the care home considered buying one but hoped to find him something authentic.

UBCH staff contacted the Royal Mail to ask if a uniform might be available, and they gifted Stanley an embroidered shirt, cap and iconic red bag.

Stanley wears the uniform on his delivery round which he makes sure to complete before 2 p.m. every day.

“It gives me the chance to talk to other residents, who otherwise I might not see everyday,” he said.

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