(Natural News) Sabotage of infrastructure that serves human communities is always wrong. When two power substations in North Carolina were reportedly taken down by gunfire in an apparent “criminal act,” the establishment media went to work condemning that act. The gunfire caused “damage that could take days to repair and leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity,” reported the Associated Press, and most establishment media outlets echoed the sentiment.

Yet the Associated Press had no condemnation for Joe Biden shutting down oil pipelines and drilling permits that ultimately provide energy resources for hundreds of millions of Americans. Similarly, there is no establishment media outlet condemning the seizure of 3,000 farms by the government of The Netherlands. In all, reports PeterSweden, as many as 11,200 farms may be forced to shut down in The Netherlands in order to meet so-called “climate goals.”

This is critical food infrastructure that feeds families across Europe and around the world. It is not a trivial thing to start dismantling thousands of farms upon which millions of people depend.

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