It’s not like you’re keeping an actual physical list of all the times you were slighted or offended…..right?

Most likely it’s a mental list. Each time your offender looks at you the wrong way, or says something offensive, or just ignores you, you catalog the action as part of a long list of offenses you use to justify keeping them trapped in your dungeon.

But as you saw above, you may think they’re the ones in your dungeon but if you look more closely, you’ll see that you’re the one inside the prison bars, not outside.

What to do instead: If your list is so long that you’ve forgotten the original offense that started you down this dark path, it’s probably time to ditch the list. If you already have a written list, you’re already halfway there. Just put it in the shredder. If it’s in your head, do go ahead and write it down then destroy it.

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