RED ALERT: New WHO pandemic treaty in final stages, would overrule the US Constitution and unleash medical dictatorship, warns Dr. Francis Boyle

(Natural News) Today we bring you a truly bombshell interview and critical story about the WHO’s new pandemic treaty which is specifically written to overrule the United States Constitution and all domestic laws in every nation, worldwide. How do we know this? Because treaty expert Dr. Francis Boyle studied the proposed treaty language and lays it all out in today’s hard-hitting interview (see below). He’s the author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, and an expert in reading and writing treaties. And today, he issues his strongest warning yet made public.

Dr. Boyle is the author of a recent book entitled, “Resisting Medical Tyranny,” and in today’s interview, he openly warns that this new WHO treaty — dubbed “WHO CA+” — is designed to unleash a global medical dictatorship that would overrule your local doctors, hospitals and clinics, forcing them to follow WHO directives on things like masks, quarantines, social distancing and economic lockdowns.

Read the treaty for yourself at this link from

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In essence, the new WHO pandemic treaty turns the entire world into a China-style medical police state where sovereign nations, states and individuals themselves have no recognized health freedom rights whatsoever.

Stated another way, if Biden signs this treaty, what China did to its own people during COVID lockdowns will soon be coming to America.

Joe Biden reportedly intends on signing this treaty as quickly as possible, once the final language is completed. And from that day forward, governments around the world merely need to unleash their own cooked-up biological weapons on their own people to set the provisions of this treaty into motion. Dr. Boyle specifically told me in the interview that governments are unleashing “Nuremberg-level crimes against civilians,” and that this new WHO treaty grants genocidal governments the “teeth” they need to lock down, imprison or exterminate their own populations.

Dr. Boyle is calling for a worldwide alert and asks that this interview be widely shared to help sound the alarm.

You have our permission to repost the interview below. Please give credit to Dr. Boyle and myself at

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Demand For Unvaccinated Blood Soaring Worldwide

Demand for unvaccinated blood is surging worldwide. Bacteria, viruses, prions, and parasites can be transmitted by blood transfusions likewise people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine have the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (read below) in their blood. The spike protein (travels the entire body) caused by the COVID-19 vaccination last for months (potentially permanently in the body for those who frequently take booster shots).

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NIH Article Blames Heart Attacks Post Vaccination on ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Stressing People to Death

Just when you thought the public health tyrants couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they find a way to amaze us.

In an article published by Biomedicine (Taipei), vaccine adverse effects are blamed on fear mongering and misinformation by ‘anti-vaxxers.’

The publication, found in the NIH National Library of Medicine, claims that ‘stress’ perpetuated by anti-vaxxers causes more deaths and injuries to vaccines.

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COVID-19 Counter Measures Should be Age Specific

Among COVID-19 exposed individuals, people in their 70s have roughly twice the mortality of those in their 60s, 10 times the mortality of those in their 50s, 40 times that of those in their 40s, 100 times that of those in their 30s, 300 times that of those in their 20s, and a mortality that is more than 3000 times higher than for children. Since COVID-19 operates in a highly age specific manner, mandated counter measures must also be age specific. If not, lives will be unnecessarily lost. 

To determine effective public health counter measures against COVID-19, it is important to know the population characteristics of the epidemic [1]. It has been widely reported that mortality rates among those diagnosed and hospitalized are higher in older age groups [2, 3], but to determine public health action, it is the mortality among those exposed or infected that is of primary importance. Absolute risk estimates are uncertain at this stage of the epidemic, due to asymptomatic infected individuals [4] and limited population based testing [1], but with reasonable assumptions about exposure, it is possible to obtain rough estimates of the relative risks in different age groups, as well as upper bounds for the absolute risks.

We consider two alternative exposure scenarios at the early stages of the outbreak in Wuhan, before any social distancing was in place. In Scenario A, the likelihood of being exposed was equal in all age groups. In Scenario B, those <70 had twice the exposure compared to ages 70-79, who in turn had twice the exposure of those 80 and older. The truth probably lies somewhere in between these two scenarios.

Using Wuhan data for the relative risk of a COVID-19 diagnosis after exposure (RRC|E) and national Chinese data for the relative risk of death after a diagnosis (RRD|C) [2], the estimated relative risk of death among those exposed is RR = RRC|E x RRD|C. The Wuhan data better reflect the pre-social distancing phase of the epidemic while the Chinese mortality data increase the sample size of diagnosed individuals, generating more reliable estimates.

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Santino Godoy Blanco: 4-year-old Argentina boy who starred in a national vaccine campaign, dies suddenly

Santino Godoy Blanco.

SAN MIGUEL, GREATER BUENOS AIRES — A 4-year-old boy is dead after being used by the powers-that-be for their malevolent agendas.

Santino Godoy Blanco was a familiar face to many Argentinians. He appeared in ad campaigns produced by the National Ministry of Health, beginning in early October. The following is an ad promoting a measles, mumps, polio and rubella “vaccine.” Posters like this are present in all public health buildings across the country.

It’s unclear if Santino received mRNA injections. What is clear is that he’s dead, and the excuses are not adding up.

Santino woke up feeling ill on November 2, according to his mother, Agustina Blanco. He had a high fever and was vomiting. Ms. Blanco took Santino to Larcade Municipal Hospital in San Miguel. He was first diagnosed with viral laryngitis. The hospital discharged Santino after two hours. But he continued vomiting, and his temperature did not go down.

They returned to the hospital. This time doctors injected Santino with reliveran, a drug sometimes used to prevent chemotherapy patients from vomiting. Santino immediately vomited again after the injection. Doctors then performed a urinalysis. Despite Santino barely being able to urinate, they found no infection and nothing wrong.

Mrs. Blanco demanded that doctors do a blood test. But they refused. Doctors were now diagnosing Santino with gastroenterocolitis (stomach and intestinal inflammation). They administered dipirona (metamizole), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

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Timike Balogh: 36-year-old Hungarian woman suffers hair loss, digestive failure, myriad other post-Moderna adverse effects for over a year, commits suicide

Ms. Timike Balogh.

BUDAPEST — We know that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of people, across the globe, are committing suicide because of severe adverse reactions to the lethal injections. Doctors cannot and will not help you, for fear of losing their licenses and livelihoods. Other doctors are sycophantic vaxx zealots, believe their own B.S., and blame all post-injection adverse reactions on anxiety.

U.S. college athletes are committing suicide at record-high rates in 2022. Granted suicide has always been relatively common among U.S. military veterans. But prior to 2022, most of those suicides were veterans over age 50. Now there is a very disturbing spike in age 30 and younger U.S. military personnel committing suicide. The lethal injections are also causing indirect suicides.

Nate Bronstein, a 15-year-old from Chicago, committed suicide in January. He received the mRNA injections. But fellow students started a rumor that Nate was non-vaccinated. The young man was bullied relentlessly because kids these days equate the injections to a rite of passage. Nate hanged himself in the bathroom of his family home.

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CDC caught using same PR firm as Pfizer and Moderna to boost “health communication” during covid scamdemic

The same public relations firm that was hired by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna to promote Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” throughout the plandemic is also embedded within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we now know.

Weber Shandwick was awarded a $50 million contract to join the CDC’s “Division of Viral Diseases team,” reports indicate. Its purpose is to boost “health communication,” as that term is loosely defined.

At the very same time, Weber Shandwick has been a Pfizer partner since at least 2006, having worked with the company to elevate its public profile. It also partnered with Moderna in June following the success of that company’s mRNA (messenger RNA) Chinese Virus injection.

What this means is that the same company actively promoting private pharmaceutical interests is also working within a so-called public government agency to direct health policy. This is what is known as a conflict of interest. (Related: Remember when the CDC was caught removing covid jab injury reports from VAERS?)

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Newly released CDC data shows nearly a third of people who got vaccinated experienced significant adverse events

Newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that around a third of participants who signed up for a voluntary Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine safety monitoring program suffered from significant adverse events, with nearly eight percent of those side effects requiring professional medical care.

The data came from v-safe, a voluntary smartphone-based program created by the CDC specifically to monitor the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. To sign up, people simply have to download the app onto their smartphones, register and provide periodic health check-ins after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. (Related: CDC data & scientific study suggest 1.2 million Americans may already have died due to COVID vaccination.)

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Scientists see few signs of a big COVID-19 wave this winter. But you just never know.

A woman walked in Boston with a mask last year when COVID rates spiked upward.STAN GROSSFELD/GLOBE STAFF

In his darker moments, Dr. Jeremy Luban wonders: Could it happen again? Could a radically new version of COVID-19 suddenly emerge?

The situation this fall is “eerily” similar to a year ago, said Luban, professor of molecular medicine, biochemistry, and molecular biotechnology at the UMass Chan Medical School. Back then, the Delta variant carried the day, just as Omicron subvariants dominate today. Then as now, no one expected a big change.

But instead of a smooth Delta winter, the world woke up last Thanksgiving morning to find a new monster among us, the ultra-transmissible Omicron. With more than 50 new mutations, some of which enabled the virus to evade immunity, the variant immediately barreled across the globe.

What do we know about the poisoning?

Emergency services found seven people unconscious in the bunker in the city’s St Hanshaugen area.

The lives of all of the victims, believed to be mainly aged between 20 and 30, are said to be out of danger but police have called for other attendees to seek medical attention if they start suffering from nausea, headaches or dizziness.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas produced by incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal. The gas is harmful because it displaces oxygen from red blood cells, resulting in damage to major organs.

One man who left before police arrived told public broadcaster NRK he had gone outside repeatedly for fresh air after arriving for the rave at 23:00 (21:00 GMT) on Saturday.

“When you rave in a room without windows with 50 to 60 others, the air becomes heavy,” the unnamed man said. “I had to go out several times and breathe fresh air.”

The same man said other parties had been held in the same bunker this summer.

Generators were being used to power lighting and sound systems, Norwegian media report.

Vidar Haukeland, head of the company which owns the bunker, Stiftelsen Diakonissehuset Lovisenberg, described the rave as a “serious break-in” and said the company did not feel any responsibility, VG newspaper reports.

Boards covering the entrance to the bunker had been removed, the paper says.

Earlier this month, Norway banned the serving of alcohol in bars after midnight until further notice after a rise in coronavirus infections.

The ban is due to be reviewed in September, Health Minister Bent Høie told Aftenposten newspaper.

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