Man sentenced after police find loaded gun in his buttocks during strip search

Justin SavoieLafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office

A Louisiana man chose the cheekiest of places when he needed to find a quick hiding spot for his gun.

Justin Savoie, 24, pleaded guilty Friday to weapons charges after police in the town of Golden Meadow — who were arresting him late last year on a separate matter — discovered he had stashed a loaded .25 caliber Titan pistol in his buttocks, The Smoking Gun reports.

Police had taken Savoie into custody on Dec. 28, 2019, after they responded to “suspicious activity” in a home he was occupying with a female acquaintance, the report said.

Cops said they discovered Savoie possessed a handgun, marijuana and drug paraphernalia during an initial search.

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Have a pulse? You’re hired!


The city of New York had trouble with another employee. This one, his bosses claimed, abandoned his job when he missed 18 months of work. An administrative law judge even recommended firing the slacker when he didn’t bother to show up for his hearing. Turns out, the employee would have loved to have gone to work—even to the hearing—save for one small detail: He was dead.  — You won’t believe these really dumb things that smart people did.

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Needed: Someone who will answer the phone like a normal person


New York City’s Department of Health may have a job opening soon if one of its employees doesn’t stop screwing around. It seems that management does not care for the fact that the twice-suspended help-line operator keeps answering IT calls by talking like a robot.  —New York. These are the most ridiculous excuses people actually used to get out of work.

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Fake Hitman Website Fools Woman, Who Is Headed to Jail Site’s owner contacted Michigan police

(NEWSER) – A real woman tried to hire a hitman on a fake website. Wendy Lynn Wein, 52, found Rent-A-Hitman online and filled out a form asking for help killing her ex-husband. Unfortunately for Wein and perhaps fortunately for her ex, that site is owned not by a hitman but computer professional Bob Innes who initially launched it in 2005 to promote a hacking prevention business. Years later he started checking the site’s inbox and found a lot of disturbing requests not related to that business. Since then, he’s made the site into an obvious joke, and, when he gets requests, he turns them over to police, KPIX reports.

That’s what he did with Wein, who used a pseudonym but her otherwise real contact information. Wein put in her service request on the site that her ex had stolen $20,000 from her, and said she didn’t want to commit the crime herself. “I prefer not going to jail,” she wrote, per the Daily Mail. Innes forwarded that to Michigan State Police, who posed as people affiliated with the site to contact Wein. She gave a detective her ex’s address and told them when and where he works, and a $200 down payment on the $5,000 tab for the murder. They charged her, and she pleaded guilty Friday and could serve up to 9 years in prison, FOX2 reports.

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Cops: Bank Robber Made Deposit in ATM Outside He was a Wells Fargo robber, and also a customer

McRoberts Williams. (Delaware State Police)

(NEWSER) – Police in Delaware say a man who robbed a Wilmington bank on Saturday didn’t keep the cash for long—after fleeing the Wells Fargo branch, he paused to make a deposit in the ATM outside. Police say McRoberts Williams, a 44-year-old California resident, handed a note to a teller Saturday morning saying a robbery was taking place, WBZ reports. The 25-year-old woman gave him an undisclosed amount of cash.

Williams fled on foot and made the deposit in a machine on the exterior of the building, Delaware State Police said. Officers responding to the scene found him behind a nearby shopping center and took him into custody without incident. He was charged with second-degree robbery, a felony, with bond set at $6,000.

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California Cops Chase Stolen Party Bus 40-foot bus was pursued from San Diego to northern Los Angeles County

(NEWSER) – The California Highway Patrol chased a stolen party bus across southern California Tuesday before it slammed into a sedan north of Los Angeles. Top Dog Limo Bus owner Susie Leitzke tells KTLA that the 40-foot vehicle was stolen in San Diego Tuesday morning when a person jumped in while the driver was doing a pickup. She says local cops searched for it until around 90 minutes later, when she received a call from somebody on the 405 Freeway who complained that somebody in one of the company’s vehicles was “driving crazy on the freeway and doing 90mph.”

“I explained to him that was a stolen bus and he stayed on the phone until we called dispatch and got somebody out there,” Leitzke says. Police say the driver continued speeding during a pursuit on freeways through Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and Santa Clarita before they exited the freeway in Palmdale and hit a silver four-door car minutes later, Fox 11 reports. There were no immediate reports of injuries, but the vehicle was heavily damaged. Patrol units surrounded the bus and a woman exited the vehicle and was taken into custody at gunpoint, reports the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

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