Russian oligarchs are moving to Israel: media reports At least 7 rented private jets are suspected of carrying wealthy Russian oligarchs to Israel in an effort to escape sanctions imposed on Moscow

At least seven rented private jets are suspected of carrying wealthy Russian oligarchs to Israel in an effort to escape sanctions imposed on Moscow.

According to the Times of Israel, the planes originate from a company in Turkey that provides jets for hire in Europe.

Tracking data showed the planes made trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg, then from those cities to Tel Aviv.

This comes after several Russian oligarchs have been sanctioned by the US, UK and EU, resulting in them being cut off from the US financial system, with their assets frozen and property blocked off.

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Elon Musk says Starlink was told to block Russian news sources but it will not do so unless forced ‘at gunpoint’

Elon Musk said he was “sorry to be a free speech absolutist.” Matt Rourke/AP
  • SpaceX’s Starlink was told by some governments to block Russian news sources, Elon Musk says.
  • On Saturday, Musk tweeted that the company would not do so “unless at gunpoint.”
  • Musk had previously shared concerns over Starlink systems being targeted in Ukraine.

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FLASHBACK: Leaked Tape in 2014 Showed State Department’s Victoria Nuland Saying “F*** the EU” then Plotting Ukraine Coup Using Biden’s Help

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  In 2014 the State Department’s Victoria Nuland reportedly was caught on tape planning a coup in Ukraine using Biden’s help.

Victoria Nuland is currently serving as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden – Obama Administration but she was with the State Department under Obama as well.  She was instrumental in the affairs in Ukraine at that time.   We’ve written about Nuland in the past, especially when it relates to Ukraine.  Recently when Nuland was before the Senate no one asked her about her past actions with the Obama gang.

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“Let Them Fly On Broomsticks”: Russia Stops Rocket Engines Supply To US

In retaliation for US sanctions over Ukraine, Russia has chosen to suspend delivering rocket engines to the US, according to Dmitry Rogozin, the director of the national space agency Roscosmos.

“In a situation like this we can’t supply the United States with our world’s best rocket engines. Let them fly on something else, their broomsticks, I don’t know what,” Rogozin stated on Russian official television.

Ever since 1990s, Russia has supplied a sum of 122 RD-180 engines to the United States, 98 of which were utilized to power Atlas launch vehicles, as per Rogozin.

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France seizes Rosneft boss’s yacht as it tried to flee

By Tassilo Hummel

PARIS (Reuters) – French customs have seized a yacht belonging to Rosneft boss Igor Sechin as it tried to leave the Mediterranean port of La Ciotat in a breach of EU sanctions on Russian oligarchs, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

The move came as western states are implementing massive sanctions, including asset freezes, against Russia for invading its neighbour Ukraine. A separate nearly $600 million luxury yacht owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has also been seized, by German authorities, Forbes reported.

The 88-metre “Amore Vero” arrived in La Ciotat on Jan.3 and was due to stay there until April 1st for repairs, the finance ministry said in a statement, adding that the vessel was subject to the new sanctions.

But on Wednesday, customs officers noted the yacht was “taking steps to sail off urgently, without the repair works being over,” the statement said, adding that the officers therefore decided to seize it.

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US distorts China’s neutral stance, ‘uses Ukraine crisis to sow discord between China, Russia’

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The US has tried very hard to distort China’s neutral stance of calling for dialogue on the Ukraine crisis, with the US State Department asking China to “pressure Russia” to respect the principle of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and even accusing China of “using Russia to create a new world order.”

China on Thursday said the US, a country which launched a series of wars and military interventions that trample on other countries’ sovereignty, has no qualification to accuse others on the matter.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks at Thursday’s routine press conference as she had received many questions on Russia’s latest military operations and the China-Russia ties from the media due to the US continually raising odd questions to target China.

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Foreign Ministry statement in connection with the unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the EU in response to the recognition by the Russian Federation of the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics

The European Union has decided to support the illegitimate US practice of imposing unilateral restrictive measures on Russia. Instead of analysing what happened and critically re-evaluating their role in the situation in the DPR and LPR, the EU has resorted to the sanctions approach mistakenly believing that they are an effective way forward. Contrary to internationally accepted rules, the EU restrictions affect a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As a reminder, the Western countries do not have a monopoly on international law or the driving forces behind international development. Under Article 8 of the Charter for European Security adopted at the OSCE Summit in Istanbul in November 1999, neither the EU, nor NATO “can have any preeminent responsibility for maintaining peace and stability in the OSCE area or can consider any part of the OSCE area as its sphere of influence.” No one authorised the EU to address the problems of war and peace in Europe; only the UN Security Council has this international legal prerogative.

In the case of the sovereign DPR and LPR, the EU did not even bother to delve into historical truth or to take steps to ensure the legitimate interests of the residents of Donbass, their human dignity and the desire for a peaceful life on their own land, things that have been flagrantly violated for eight years now. Where were the EU representatives when Kiev’s regime imposed a socioeconomic blockade on the DPR and LPR and issued orders to shell towns in southeastern Ukraine killing civilians? Where were they when the Verkhovna Rada was churning out laws that openly infringe on the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, openly violating its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Protocol 1 to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe for the Protection of National Minorities, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, the document of the Copenhagen Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension of the CSCE and other documents?

Instead, the European Union pursued a policy of covering up the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian regime, which is responsible for the destruction of its own country and the destabilisation of the situation in Europe. Following open support for the anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine in 2014, the EU once again betrayed European ideals of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, trying to punish the peoples of the DPR and LPR for their democratic choice and self-determination. Hypocrisy has been elevated to the rank of politics.

Our repeated messages to Kiev and its Western handlers about the need to stop the violence in Donbass and to implement the Minsk Package of Measures have fallen on deaf ears. For them, the people of the DPR and LPR are just a bargaining chip. Even after Russia recognised the independence of these republics, the shelling not only did not stop, but even intensified. Given these circumstances, a decision was made to conduct a special military operation designed to stop the tragedy in Ukraine, which began after an illegal coup in 2014.

The EU’s continuing unfriendly steps against Russia and Russia’s fraternal DPR and LPR will not be able to stop the progressive development of our states and the provision of assistance to them. In accordance with the principle of reciprocity, which is fundamental to international law, we will take tough response measures.

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The End Of The U.S. Empire

The DC regime lost in Afghanistan and is losing in Ukraine and they’re powerless to respond to Russia’s invasion with anything but sanctions.

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