NIH Article Blames Heart Attacks Post Vaccination on ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Stressing People to Death

Just when you thought the public health tyrants couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they find a way to amaze us.

In an article published by Biomedicine (Taipei), vaccine adverse effects are blamed on fear mongering and misinformation by ‘anti-vaxxers.’

The publication, found in the NIH National Library of Medicine, claims that ‘stress’ perpetuated by anti-vaxxers causes more deaths and injuries to vaccines.

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Santino Godoy Blanco: 4-year-old Argentina boy who starred in a national vaccine campaign, dies suddenly

Santino Godoy Blanco.

SAN MIGUEL, GREATER BUENOS AIRES — A 4-year-old boy is dead after being used by the powers-that-be for their malevolent agendas.

Santino Godoy Blanco was a familiar face to many Argentinians. He appeared in ad campaigns produced by the National Ministry of Health, beginning in early October. The following is an ad promoting a measles, mumps, polio and rubella “vaccine.” Posters like this are present in all public health buildings across the country.

It’s unclear if Santino received mRNA injections. What is clear is that he’s dead, and the excuses are not adding up.

Santino woke up feeling ill on November 2, according to his mother, Agustina Blanco. He had a high fever and was vomiting. Ms. Blanco took Santino to Larcade Municipal Hospital in San Miguel. He was first diagnosed with viral laryngitis. The hospital discharged Santino after two hours. But he continued vomiting, and his temperature did not go down.

They returned to the hospital. This time doctors injected Santino with reliveran, a drug sometimes used to prevent chemotherapy patients from vomiting. Santino immediately vomited again after the injection. Doctors then performed a urinalysis. Despite Santino barely being able to urinate, they found no infection and nothing wrong.

Mrs. Blanco demanded that doctors do a blood test. But they refused. Doctors were now diagnosing Santino with gastroenterocolitis (stomach and intestinal inflammation). They administered dipirona (metamizole), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

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Midterm Election Recap: 4 Biggest Takeaways including Trump hurting GOP, toxic feminism hurting Democrats, and The COVID Blog™ testifying before Congress?

Hillary Clinton, President Ronald Reagan, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, and First Lady Nancy Reagan, February 22, 1987. PHOTO CREDIT: National Archives.

There’s no such thing as “Election Night” in the United States. It usually takes a week or more to sort everything out after all votes are cast. Typically the projected margins of victory for one of the two tribes is big enough in the House and Senate to determine the balance of power for the next two years at the federal level within a day or two after Election Night. But this election is historically unique.

The House of Representatives in the 65th Congress (1917-1919) averaged 215 Republicans and 214 Democrats (and six “others”), according to government archives. That makes it the most evenly-split House in modern times. The numbers always fluctuate in the House due to deaths and other issues. Democrats had a significant 51-45 advantage in the Senate (there were only 96 seats at the time) in said Congress.

The current 117th House of Representatives favors Democrats by seven seats. The Senate is 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. Thus the 117th Congress is the most tightly-contested between both chambers since the turn of the 20th century. But the 118th Congress, which will be seated on January 3, 2023, will likely break that record.

Nearly $17 billion was spent on federal and state elections this cycle. That is a new record, according to the nonprofit Open Secrets. But that’s nothing compared to the $54 billion-plus in welfare sent to Ukraine in 2022, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. It’s a lot of money nonetheless.

The 2022 Midterms are also the first elections since COVID dystopia and The Great Reset fully launched. While inflation, the economy, crime, illegal immigration and abortion are talked about as the top issues on voters’ minds, COVID dystopia played a major role as well.

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Gabriel Poliquin: AstraZeneca-vaxxed Canadian lawyer suddenly collapses during truckers #FreedomConvoy inquest into government’s use of emergency powers act

Mr. Gabriel Poliquin.

OTTAWA – If only Ottawa native Alanis Morissette could update and re-record her 1996 hit “Ironic.” There’s a good chance Ottawa government lawyer Gabriel Poliquin did receive some good advice that he just couldn’t take, regarding the AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injections. But as Ms. Morissette said:

“Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you,
When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right.”

Mr. Poliquin earned his Ph.D in linguistics from Harvard in 2006. He received his law degree from the University of Ottawa in 2010, according to his LinkedIn page. Mr. Poliquin teaches law classes at his alma mater. He’s also a lawyer with Olthius van Ert, a commercial and public law firm with offices in Vancouver and Ottawa. He’s been with the firm since June 2021.

Canadian truckers #FreedomConvoy and the Emergency Powers Act

We wrote about Mrs. Natalie Jarrett in February. The Ontario mother-of-three received a Pfizer mRNA injection in June 2021. She thought it was the right thing to do because of nonstop coercion from media, government and social circles. Mrs. Jarrett didn’t get a second injection after developing two blood clots and autoimmune issues from the first shot. That meant no vaccine passport and being ostracized from society.

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Timike Balogh: 36-year-old Hungarian woman suffers hair loss, digestive failure, myriad other post-Moderna adverse effects for over a year, commits suicide

Ms. Timike Balogh.

BUDAPEST — We know that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of people, across the globe, are committing suicide because of severe adverse reactions to the lethal injections. Doctors cannot and will not help you, for fear of losing their licenses and livelihoods. Other doctors are sycophantic vaxx zealots, believe their own B.S., and blame all post-injection adverse reactions on anxiety.

U.S. college athletes are committing suicide at record-high rates in 2022. Granted suicide has always been relatively common among U.S. military veterans. But prior to 2022, most of those suicides were veterans over age 50. Now there is a very disturbing spike in age 30 and younger U.S. military personnel committing suicide. The lethal injections are also causing indirect suicides.

Nate Bronstein, a 15-year-old from Chicago, committed suicide in January. He received the mRNA injections. But fellow students started a rumor that Nate was non-vaccinated. The young man was bullied relentlessly because kids these days equate the injections to a rite of passage. Nate hanged himself in the bathroom of his family home.

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Untested bivalent COVID jab being rolled out


  • August 15, 2022, the U.K. became the first country to approve Moderna’s new bivalent COVID booster — Spikevax bivalent — which contains mRNA that codes for the original Wuhan strain spike protein and the Omicron BA.1 subvariant
  • The approval of the new booster comes on the heels of complaints about lack of demand for the shots. Moderna recently threw away 30 million doses of its original COVID jab, as nobody wanted them, and the U.S., has tossed 82.1 million COVID jab doses in the trash for the same reason
  • The Spikevax bivalent shot is already out of date, as both strains included are no longer in circulation anywhere in the world
  • In the U.S., infections are currently caused by the BA.4, BA.5 and BA.2.12.1 variants of Omicron. In Europe, Omicron BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 are the current “variants of concern.” BA.1 is on the list of “de-escalated variants,” meaning it’s of no concern either because it’s either not in circulation, or because it doesn’t cause severe illness
  • Coronaviruses mutate very rapidly, and when you vaccinate against a rapidly mutating virus, you encourage it to mutate even faster, and to develop immune-evading properties. This is what we’ve been witnessing since the beginning of the COVID jab campaign, and outdated, leaky bivalent boosters may worsen the situation further

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LEAKED FOOTAGE: Israeli health minister plotted to manipulate covid vaccine expert report to avert litigation

An Israeli journalist and health researcher has blown the lid on the Holy Land’s cover-up with regards to covid “vaccinations.”

Israel’s Ministry of Health (IMoH), we now know, lied about the shots by covering up a slew of data showing their dangers and ineffectiveness.

Instead of immediately halting Operation Warp Speed, Israel covered up the data and proceeded to join the rest of the globalists in pushing the jabs on the people of the world.

Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz is the one credited with exposing the coverup. She leaked a video to Twitter last month depicting pediatric specialist Prof. Mati Berkowitz, head of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology unit at Shamir Medical Center and head of the research team appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMoH) to investigate the safety of Fauci Flu shots, manipulating and lying about an expert report on adverse events.

Berkowitz’s study directly contradicts the IMoH’s claims that major side effects from covid injections are rare, brief, and / or transient. This is why he cautioned IMoH senior officials against sharing the findings publicly for fear that they might get sued.

“Here we will have to really think medical-legal,” Berkowitz said. “Why medical-legal? Because for quite a few adverse events we said, ‘okay, it exists, and there is a report, but still get vaccinated.’”

“I mean, we have to think about how to write it and how to present it correctly so this will not yield lawsuits later: ‘Wait, wait, wait, you said everything will pass and you can get vaccinated. And now look what happened to me. The phenomenon continues.’”

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Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Now Legally Established (Italy)

On July 6th, 2022, the court of Florence has approved a sentence annulling the measure taken by the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany against one of its members, the reason being: ‘the suspension of the exercise of the profession risks compromising primary individual rights such as the right to a livelihood and the right to work’.

The judge ruled that the psychologist doesn’t need to be vaccinated in order to do his job by establishing that:

  • these substances don’t prevent infection and transmission. Therefore, in front of the Italian law, there can not be an obligation.
  • She also recognises that these substances provokes severe adverse events.
    Therefore, it even less legitimate to force anybody to be injected.
  • The judge put the dignity of the human being at the centre and referred twice to the period of Nazism and Fascism. Mandatory vaccination is possible if there is informed consent. For Covid injections, she explained that an informed consent is not possible as we don’t know the ingredients and the mechanisms of these substances because of industrial and alleged military secret.

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Monkeypox Is Related To mRNA Vaccine Claims Top Israeli Physician

Twitter censored Prof. Shapira, a top Israeli physician who claimed that monkeypox is related to mRNA vaccine, hopes to draw more attention to the death and destruction that these vaccines are delivering to so many people throughout the world.

Between 2013 to 2021, Professor Shmuel Shapira, M.D., MPH, oversaw Israel’s efforts to create a coronavirus vaccine as Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR).

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Were deadly covid vaccine lots shipped to red states on purpose? Shocking 196% excess mortality recorded in Florida and Georgia in third quarter of 2021

The Society of Actuaries Research Institute (SOA) gathered data on excess mortality during the covid-19 pandemic (April – December 2020) and during the emergency use covid vaccine rollout (January – September 2021). The report compared Group Term Life Insurance mortality results during 2020 and 2021 to baseline mortality results from a period prior to the pandemic (2017-2019). The data set includes over two million claims worth over $93 billion in premiums.

The excess mortality data provided shocking results. The first shocking result was that young and middle-aged individuals died in excess (208%) in the third quarter of 2021, after they were coerced to take the covid vaccines. The second shocking result was that red states (Republican-led states) saw extreme excess in mortality (196%) after the vaccine was rolled out in quarter three of 2021.

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