Bare Biology

We can now appreciate why Del Noce claimed that a technocratic society grounded in scientism is totalitarian, though not obviously authoritarian in the sense of openly violent forms of repression. In a strongly worded passage of an essay titled, “The Roots of the Crisis,” he predicted fifty years ago:

The remaining believers in a transcendent authority of values will be marginalized and reduced to second-class citizens. They will be imprisoned, ultimately, in “moral” concentration camps. But nobody can seriously think that moral punishments will be less severe than physical punishments. At the end of the process lies the spiritual version of genocide.

In a technocratic society, one ends up in a moral concentration camp if one is not on board with the pseudo-science du jour, the ideological trend of the moment. Whatever questions, concerns, or objections one might raise—whether philosophical, religious, ethical, or simply a different interpretation of scientific evidence—need not be considered. The dissident’s questions or opinions do not count; they are ruled-out by appeal to “The Science”—trademarked by the regime and printed with a capital T and capital S.

In another striking passage, written even earlier in 1968, Del Noce warned:

The de-humanization process that characterized the totalitarian regimes did not stop [after World War II]; it has actually become stronger. “We cannot see its endpoint” . . . Given that every society reflects the people who form it, we are threatened by oligarchies and persecutory systems that would make Nazism and Stalinism look like pale images, although, of course, [these new oligarchies and persecutory systems] will not present themselves as a new Nazism or a new Stalinism.

Given the developments of the last few decades, which manifested with greater clarity during the Covid pandemic, we see clearly that the new oligarchies and persecutory systems will present themselves under the banner of biomedical security measures essential for maintaining population health. The oligarchs will preface their agenda with phrases like, “Out of an abundance of caution . . .” and “We are all in this together. . . ”. The new social-distancing societal paradigm facilitates the oligarch’s dominance by separating citizens from one another.

Scientism is a totalitarianism of disintegration before it is a totalitarianism of domination. Recall that lockdowns and social distancing, with their inevitable social isolation, necessarily preceded vaccine mandates and passports, when the repressive regime really tipped its hand. Each of these measures relied on exceptionally sloppy data presented publicly as the only authoritative interpretation of science. In most instances, the pretense of scientific rigor was not even required.

In a scientistic-technocratic regime, the naked individual—reduced to “bare biological life,” cut off from other people and from anything transcendent—becomes completely dependent on society. The human person, reduced to a free-floating, untethered, and uprooted social atom, is more readily manipulated. Del Noce made the startling claim that scientism is even more opposed to tradition than Communism, because in Marxist ideology we still find messianic and biblical archetypes dimly represented in the promise of a future utopia. By contrast, “scientistic anti-traditionalism can express itself only by dissolving the ‘fatherlands’ where it was born.” This process leaves the entire field of human life wide open to domination by global corporations and their suborned political agents:

Because of the very nature of science, which provides means but does not determine any ends, scientism lends itself to be used as a tool by some group. Which group? The answer is completely obvious: once the fatherlands are gone, all that is left are the great economic organisms, which look more and more like fiefdoms. States become their executive instruments.

States as instruments of world-spanning corporations, which operate like fiefdoms, is an apt definition of corporatism—the melding of state and corporate power—which coincides perfectly with Mussolini’s original definition of fascism. In this global non-society, individuals are radically uprooted and instrumentalized. The ultimate result, in the last analysis, is pure nihilism: “After the negation of every possible authority of values, all that is left is pure total negativism, and the will for something so indeterminate that it is close to ‘nothing’,” in Del Noce’s bleak description. This is clearly a society suited neither to a meaningful human life nor to social harmony.

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Scientific Evidence

Epidemiologist and researcher Dr. Paul Alexander disagree. He says that there are over 150 studies and articles that conclude cloth and surgical masks are not effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and does more harm.

“To date, the evidence has been stable and clear that masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful and especially to children,” Alexander wrote in a February op-ed for The Epoch Times.

In a critical review (pdf) of cloth masks used during the pandemic, the authors stated that evidence does not support community masking with cloth masks to limit the spread of the virus.

“The available clinical evidence of facemask efficacy is of low quality and the best available clinical evidence has mostly failed to show efficacy, with fourteen of sixteen identified randomized controlled trials comparing face masks to no mask controls failing to find statistically significant benefit in the intent-to-treat populations,” the authors wrote.

“Although weak evidence should not preclude precautionary actions in the face of unprecedented events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, ethical principles require that the strength of the evidence and best estimates of amount of benefit be truthfully communicated to the public,” they added.

Prior to the pandemic, researchers conducted a small randomized controlled study in 2008 among health care workers in Japan to examine whether surgical masks reduced the incidence of the common cold.

They found that participants in the mask group “were significantly more likely to experience headache during the study period” and concluded that “face mask use in health care workers has not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds.”

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Pathogenic Microbes

While most of the bacteria and fungi cultured from the masks were not harmful to humans, some were opportunist pathogens, while others were found to cause diseases like bacteria that cause food poisoning and staph infections, and a fungus that causes ringworm, athlete’s foot, and jock itch.

From their findings, the authors of the study suggest that people with a weakened immune system should “avoid repeated use of masks to prevent microbial infection.”

The CDC says that immunocompromised people or those at high risk for severe disease should wear a mask or respirator when there is a high community level of COVID-19.

The health agency did not respond to The Epoch Times’ request for comment on the findings of the Japanese study.

Supporters of universal masking during the pandemic say that masks help to prevent or reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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First Hurricane of 2022, Agatha Heads for Mexico Tourist Towns

Hurricane Agatha (C) off the Pacific coast of Mexico on May 29, 2022, at 11:20 a.m. ET, in a satellite image. (NOAA via AP)

MEXICO CITY—The first hurricane of the season formed off Mexico’s southern Pacific coast Sunday and rapidly gained power ahead of an expected strike along a stretch of tourist beaches and fishing towns as a major storm.

Agatha could make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane Monday afternoon or evening in the area near Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel in the southern state of Oaxaca—a region that includes the laid-back tourist resorts of Huatulco, Mazunte, and Zipolite.

In early evening Sunday, the recently formed hurricane had maximum sustained winds of 110 mph (175 kph)—just 1 mph under the threshold for a Category 3, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. It was centered about 160 miles (255 kilometers) southwest of Puerto Angel and heading to the northeast at 5 mph (7 kph).

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Deaths among Triple Vaccinated increased by 495% in January with the Vaccinated accounting for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths since December

Official data from Public Health Scotland confirms the vaccinated population have accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths over the past two months.

But a side by side comparison of those two months suggests the Covid-19 booster campaign has been a complete failure because the percentage of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths have all gone down in the unvaccinated population whilst increasing drastically in the triple vaccinated population.

Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister of Scotland has insisted that mask wearing and vaccine passports will remain in Scotland despite Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom scrapping both requirements at the end of January, and pledging to possibly scrap all remaining restrictions towards the end of February.

Mask wearing, as anyone with an oune of intelligence should know, is of course completely pointless because the virus is small enough to penetrate the holes found in surgical masks and FFP3 masks. So the cloth masks sold by Dr Julia Grace Patterson (an unregistered doctor who is really a psychiatrist) and her EveryDoctor venture are just borderline idiotic.

But what’s fast becoming even more idiotic is the idea that a vaccine passport system is the way forward, because official Public Health Scotland data shows it is the vaccinated who are most likely to spread Covid-19, it is the vaccinated who are most likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19, and it is the vaccinated who are most likely to die of Covid-19.

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HERE’S THE LIST: 1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events

Are you tired of debating with your liberal friends and family on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Informed Choice Australia made a list of ‘peer-reviewed’ medical papers submitted to various medical journals, showing extensive evidence of adverse events in the COVID-19 vaccines.

The list only includes the studies made up to January 20 concerning the adverse reaction from COVID-19 vaccines, such as myocarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, cardiac, Bell’s Palsy, immune-mediated disease, and many more.

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20-Year-Old Model Suffers ‘Mysterious’ Heart Attack, Has Both Legs Amputated After Covid Jab

A fully jabbed 20-year-old model from Florida has had both her legs amputated after suffering a ‘mysterious’ heart attack.

“Yes, she was vaccinated!” states a GoFundMe fundraiser for St. Petersburg model Claire Bridges.

According to Fox 13 News, Bridges was born with a congenital heart condition that was made worse after getting getting sick.

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