Cold War-era nuclear bunker with body bags and gas masks in UK countryside on sale £25k

The nuclear retreat, fitted with body bags, gas masks and a red telephone box, was used by Ministry of Defence in Legbourne, Lincolnshire

Cold War bunker in the pretty UK countryside is up for sale for £25,000 and remains in its original condition.

The nuclear retreat, fitted with body bags, gas masks and a red telephone box, was used by Ministry of Defence in Legbourne, Lincolnshire.

Built in 1959, the small vault accommodated three observers in case of a nuclear attack, and was supplied with enough food and water for two weeks.

It is accessed via a 14ft shaft in a remote rural location, approximately four miles from the market town of Louth and around 11 miles as the crow flies from the North Sea coast.


The entry to the secure bunker in rural Lincolnshire ( Image: mediadrumimages/SDLAuctions)

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Man lives in house surrounded by DEAD PEOPLE – but insists he will never move

Gulf War veteran and former gravedigger Marc Cox says he loves his life living surrounded by coffins and in isolation in Witton cemetery, Birmingham

Mr Cox, a former gravedigger, says he enjoys the isolation and being surrounded by coffins (Image: BPM MEDIA)

A former gravedigger who has lived alone in a cemetery for 23 years says he never wants to move.

Gulf War veteran Marc Cox, 54, has lived in Witton cemetery, Birmingham, since 1999 and admits he finds comfort in being around the coffins.

Mr Cox said: “People ask me how I can live here – but I always say ‘what do you mean? People are dying to come here.

“I’ve been to war, I’m scared of the living, not the dead”, he told BirminghamLive.

The haunting experience has let him worried on some occasions, especially when it comes to ‘the Grey Girl’ – the ghost of a young girl with long black hair and grey clothes who has allegedly stared at hime through the window.

He said: “I didn’t think anything of her at the time but a few years later I was approached by a group of mourners who I got chatting to. I told them I lived alone and they asked: ‘Who’s that girl we always see in your window?’


Mr Cox says he and his kids have hours of fun in the graveyard pretending to be the Addams family ( Image: BPM MEDIA)

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Mum ‘utterly heartbroken’ after ‘nobody’ turned up to her birthday party

The mum was left heartbroken on her birthday (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

Most people like to celebrate milestone birthdays with their nearest and dearest. So, you can imagine one mum’s upset when her long-time friends failed to turn up to her party. Her partner had gone all out for the special occasion, decorating their home and inviting all their loved ones, but his plan fell apart when several guests did not arrive.

“Heartbroken”, the inconsolable woman could not stop crying, and took to the internet to voice her frustration. Explaining she felt the “need to vent”, the woman shared her sadness in a post to Mumsnet, titled: “Nobody came to my party.”

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Georgia police say man threw ‘temper tantrum’ in drive-thru, looking to serve him ‘criminal charge combo’

Georgia police said they are looking to serve the man with a ‘criminal charge combo’

Police in Georgia are looking for a man who they say threw a “temper tantrum” in a fast food restaurant’s drive-thru.

The Waynesboro Police Department shared surveillance video of the man, who appears to reach inside the drive-thru window and throw several objects.

“This guy took ‘Have it your way’ too far after he decided his order wasn’t to his liking (it didn’t have anything to do with ice cream machines, I swear) and threw a temper tantrum, among other things, at the drive-thru of one of our local fast food restaurants,” the police department said.

Surveillance video of the man shows him throwing multiple drink containers through the window of the drive-thru.

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North Carolina woman cited by police for shooting Mountain Dew cans in backyard: ‘Don’t DEW this’

North Carolina woman was issued a criminal citation this week for shooting at cans of Diet Mountain Dew in her backyard. 

Gastonia Police Department officers responded to reports of shots fired in the neighborhood and found a 64-year-old woman who said she was firing a revolver at the soda cans because she didn’t approve of her father drinking them, the department said on Facebook. 

“We totally understand that not everybody is a fan of the Dew but we can’t stress enough how dangerous this is!” the department said. 

March 15, 2014: Can of Mountain Dew drink isolated on white. Mountain Dew citrus-flavored soft drink produced by PepsiCo. Mountain Dew was introduced in 1940 (iStock)

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Food that looks like family: Michigan mom makes hilarious meatloaf resembling her son

You are what you eat. 

Melissa Suriano of Mesick, Michigan, seemed to take the phrase to a whole new level after she surprised her son recently with a dinner that was pretty personal.

Suriano presented her 17-year-old son, Collin, with a large meatloaf that resembled his face.

The mom included shredded cheese for the hair, green olives for the eyes, red peppers for the eyebrows and white onions for the teeth.


Melissa Suriano of Michigan made this meatloaf and crafted it to look like her son, Collin — complete with shredded cheese hair, olive eyes and onion teeth. (Kennedy News)

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Video Shows How Massive The Hands Of Wrestler Andre The Giant Were

In the 1980s and 1990s, when Andre the Giant was gaining a global following, his enormous physique drove fans insane.

Most of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers are known for having powerful personalities and enormous physiques, yet there have still been a number of stars that have appeared larger than other wrestlers. The Big Show, Great Khali, and Giant Gonzalez are some of the famous names, but Andre the Giant is considered the biggest wrestler of all time. As he gained a global fan following in the 1980s and 1990s, his enormous physique drove followers insane.

An old clip of a wrestler with an amazing physique who was also a talented athlete is once again going viral. His large hands are mostly displayed in the video. The anchor keeps his face in front of Andre’s hand in the video, and the TV host’s face is noticeably smaller than Andre’s hand.

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Copy cat

In August 2019, Gary Samuel Lambe broke into a commercial property in Toronto. He wasn’t exactly discreet. Midway through the break-and-enter, the 54-year-old stopped to eat some food, leaving scraps behind. Then, he left an even bigger clue: he headed over to the office printer and made a photocopy of his face. Toronto police released a copy—featuring Lambe’s blurry visage and his white, wide-brimmed fedora—to the public, and the fugitive was identified when he was arrested on a separate matter later that month. The bright side: Lambe now has a much clearer portrait—his mugshot. —Erica Lenti

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