Oklahoma City police bodycam video caught the terrifying moment when a fugitive who was hiding under a mattress in a travel trailer opened fire on officers who were searching for him. Police released video of the Nov. 15 incident Monday.

What are the details?

Police said they were notified around 10:25 a.m. that a man with an out-of-state felony warrant was in a travel trailer on Iron Road. KOKH-TV said it was a burglary warrant.

Officers learned the suspect, Timothy Johnson, had been seen entering the trailer, and officers were told he had not come out.

Police told the station that Jennifer Garner let three officers into her trailer to search for Johnson.

“This is the police department,” Officer Elisa McCoy is heard saying, according to KOKH. “If you are in here, you need to make yourself known.”

Amid their search, officers lifted a mattress that covered a storage area — and they saw Johnson with a gun hiding in the space under the mattress.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

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