Do you find that your trust issues only become a serious problem in certain situations?

Perhaps your partner is away on business. Or maybe your friend turns down an invitation to meet up.

It’s important to identify these or other situations that set off your trust alarms.

If you know when feelings of mistrust are most likely to arise, you can find ways to ease them.

The best method is to simply distract yourself with something else that can fully engage your concentration.

If you are busy thinking about a thing that you are doing, you’ll have no time to worry about whether a certain someone is betraying you.

You’ll effectively prevent that imagination of yours from running riot because your mind is taken up elsewhere.

6. Have Faith In People – But Start Small

If you are someone who finds it difficult to trust anyone else with the things you are currently responsible for, you can’t simply flick a switch and change that.

You can start to regain faith in other people if you start small, and try not to have major expectations.

Give people the opportunity to take on little tasks that won’t completely ruin your life if they don’t get done as perfectly as you might have done them.

Get your partner to bathe the kid/s and put them to bed X number of nights a week.

Assign one of your less-important tasks to a subordinate at work, so they’re now responsible for taking care of it.

Often, if we give people small chances to be awesome, and then acknowledge their awesomeness when they do well, they’ll be more eager to take on greater roles in the future… and do those well too.

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