The people in our lives are as flawed as we are, and it’s more than likely that they will hurt us at some point.

These hurts may not be intentional. It may just be a momentary poor decision on their part.

But if you’re a person with trust issues, that may reinforce your negative beliefs, because you have the unrealistic expectation that those who love you will never hurt you or betray your trust.

That’s simply not true. Small hurts are inevitable.

They will also heal.

This is where that ‘trust bank account’ from point #2 comes in handy. When a person does something that breaks your trust, you can dock them some trust points.

If the breach of trust was small, you just take a little bit out.

Of course, if it was large, you make a larger withdrawal or close their account permanently.

And if the betrayals are frequent, you might find that their account runs low.

But, for the most part, you’ll probably find that people do things that increase their trust account more often than they do things to earn penalties.

In other words, they may hurt you, but they will put things right.

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