Devi Persaud

A businesswoman was slashed across the face with a sharp object by another woman who held a deep personal grudge against her.

Devi Persaud, 23, of Lot 195, Clifton Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice, was at the Rose Hall, Corentyne branch of Churches Chicken awaiting an order when the female, who is known to her, approached her from behind and slashed her in the face and made good her escape.

The cashier at Churches who saw the incident, gave Persaud a tissue to wipe her bleeding wound. Persaud subsequently visited the Port Mourant Hospital where she was treated and sent away.

The police were notified, and the pregnant 28-year-old suspect was arrested.

During questioning, the suspect denied committing the act, but confessed to pointing her fingers in the victim’s face because her husband left her to live with the victim.

Police are investigating the incident.

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