This article was published on Sat., Nov. 22, 2008

They seemed to be the perfect family.

He was a successful city hall manager. She was a beautiful, doting mother. The children were lively and sweet. They lived in a cute little house on a cute little court.

But behind closed doors, the family was far from perfect.

There were secrets.

One summer night in August 1976 — when Pierre Trudeau was prime minister, the brand new CN Tower was the tallest structure in the world, the Montreal Olympics had just ended and parliament voted to abolish the death penalty — Sandra Rallo and her children Jason, 6, and Stephanie, 5, were murdered in their home.

Jon Rallo would be convicted of killing his family.

To this day, he swears he is innocent.

They placed their first child in her cradle.

Sandra. Five days old.

The mother whispered to the father:

“One day a young man is going to take her away from us.”

That man would come. And he would have a secret life. A life of women. And pornography. Bondage. And perhaps sexual assault.

Anger. And violence.

Jon Rallo killed his wife and children 32 years ago.

Now, as he begins life after prison, some of his secrets are still being uncovered. Facts and allegations the jury never heard. His letters from prison.

Some secrets remain. He still does not admit his guilt. He still will not reveal where he put his son’s body.

The Spectator tracked him down in Sudbury, where he is on parole.

It seems he plans to take some secrets to his grave.

Monday, Aug. 16, 1976

Sandra Rallo, 29, is out talking with a music teacher. Arranging piano lessons for herself and her husband Jon. It will be nice to do something new together.

At home, the children are up past bedtime. But rules can bend on a carefree summer night.

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