Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM–IV (ADIS–IV; )

The ADIS–IV is a semistructured clinical interview used to assess the presence of current DSM–IV anxiety, mood and substance-use disorders among adults. In this study, anxiety, mood and substance-use modules were administered to determine diagnostic status as well as the presence of comorbid disorders.  reported good to excellent reliability for the diagnosis of a principal anxiety disorder (K = .67–.86). Interviewers were advanced doctoral students trained to the exacting standards specified by . Interviews were audiotaped to avoid observer drift and half of the interviews were randomly selected for rerating by the investigator. Excellent interrater reliability was demonstrated for the Clinician’s Severity Rating associated with the primary diagnosis of an anxiety disorder (intraclass correlation coefficient [ICC] = .87).


Couples Interaction Questionnaire (CIQ; )

The CIQ, a measure of anxiety-specific relationship adjustment, inquires about the degree of communication, understanding, and support perceived by wives when they experience anxiety. Total scores range from 0 (poorest relationship adjustment) to 30 (highest relationship adjustment).  reported weak correlations between the CIQ and patient-reported marital happiness, suggesting that this measure captures aspects of relationship adjustment that are distinct from global measures of marital satisfaction. Cronbach’s alpha was .82 in this sample.

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