Ms. Timike Balogh.

BUDAPEST — We know that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of people, across the globe, are committing suicide because of severe adverse reactions to the lethal injections. Doctors cannot and will not help you, for fear of losing their licenses and livelihoods. Other doctors are sycophantic vaxx zealots, believe their own B.S., and blame all post-injection adverse reactions on anxiety.

U.S. college athletes are committing suicide at record-high rates in 2022. Granted suicide has always been relatively common among U.S. military veterans. But prior to 2022, most of those suicides were veterans over age 50. Now there is a very disturbing spike in age 30 and younger U.S. military personnel committing suicide. The lethal injections are also causing indirect suicides.

Nate Bronstein, a 15-year-old from Chicago, committed suicide in January. He received the mRNA injections. But fellow students started a rumor that Nate was non-vaccinated. The young man was bullied relentlessly because kids these days equate the injections to a rite of passage. Nate hanged himself in the bathroom of his family home.

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