The 2nd big area of debate you will find as you start to research this topic is on the legal rights issue.

Many people argue that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus or the apostles talk about any kinds of legal rights that demons may have to attack us. Jesus just tells us to cast out demons, and they thus believe that you just go in there and take your authority and start commanding the demons to come out and leave the person without trying to find out what their legal rights may have been to be able to attack this person in the first place.

Again, our take on this is that Jesus tells us to cast out demons, but He does not tell us exactly how to do it. And again, this is where you fall back on the verse that it is the job of the Holy Spirit Himself to be our Teacher and Guide in this life. And one of the areas that I believe that the Holy Spirit will help teach us and guide us is in the area of having to deal directly with demons who are attacking people.

I remember when I first saw this big debate occurring as I started to research this topic years ago, that my common sense really kicked in.

The Bible tells us in the story of Job that we all have some kind of a basic protective hedge surrounding us. If we did not have some kind of basic protective hedge surrounding us with the Lord, then these demons would be attacking all of us non-stop, 24/7. We would all be under constant attack and we would be doing nothing but battling demons all of the time.

If we really do have some type of protective hedge from the Lord surrounding us and protecting us, and then someone manages to have demons abnormally attacking them – then my conclusion is – that there has to be some type of specific reason that this has been allowed to occur with these demons – and that specific reason will be their legal right.

For instance, if a Christian decides they are going to start doing drugs like cocaine, heroin, or meth, they then will have committed a direct willful sin against the Lord.

And if God decides to sovereignly allow their basic hedge to break down because of this direct willful sin against Him, then the demons will be able to see that big hole occur in their protective hedge and they will then waste no time in barreling right through that hole to launch an all-out attack on that person and his life.

The door opener for the demons to be able to come directly after that person in the first place was them engaging with drugs that are directly forbidden by the Lord. That door opening activity has now given the demons full legal right to be able to come directly after that person with a severe type of an attack.

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