The Gist of this prophecy is two fold.  First it adds to the Trump for 2 Terms prophecy, but then expands on it by saying that first Pence, then his VP (this is stated only as a possiblity as God apparently hasn’t provided clarity on who the 3rd person will be as of yet, only that there will be a 3rd person) will be president, and both of whom will have 2 terms.  So basically Trump for 8 (4 already served, 4 more to go), then 8 for Pence, then 8 for his VP, or whoever ultimately is called to sit in that place, and all of them will be men of God that will lead this nation in righteousness, and will obey and serve God in the White House.  Exactly what they will do during those 24 years (20 remaining) is not known, but we may find out soon.

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