According to a news report from WVTV-Birmingham, Ryan Gastin couldn’t stop cheating on this wife of 12 years.

“I was out of control. I was cheating on her three nights a week, men, women, I didn’t care. I might have done it with a monkey. I was that far beyond help.”

His wife Liz Gastin said she would often smell perfume or cologne on her husband after he swore off cheating.

“I decided to pack up our six kids and move to my mother’s house. But that’s when Ryan did something drastic and proved that he really loved me.”

“I had myself castrated. But the doctor said I might still be able to get an erection even with the testies gone, so I had the penis removed too. It totally erased my drive. I no longer want to cheat on my beautiful wife. There will be no more tears in this household.”

How will Mrs. Gastin feel no longer being able to have relations with her husband?

“Oh, there are other ways to do it. And I wanted more children, so I’m robbed of that unless we adopt. The way I see it after all that he’s done, it’s his job to pleasure me now. He doesn’t deserve to feel pleasure. But at least I know that he truly loves me. He now calls me ‘his forever.’”

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