We’ve all wanted to slap a porcupine at one time or another, but when this man tried, he discovered the pain wasn’t worth the slap.

Family man Antonio Rodrigues Mororó, 50, took action during a party at this home after one of his sons complained to him that his pregnant wife was afraid to enter the house because of a porcupine she said was barking like a dog (they don’t bark like dogs).

Mr Mororó, from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, went to slap the creature away and got pricked. Instead of scaring the animal, he ended up with 400 porcupine quills in his hand. Despite going to the local hospital, where he received three shots of anesthetic, the pain continued.

“Me dolía realmente malo. Mi mano se sentía como si estuviera en llamas,” Mororó said.

Mr Mororó was forced to get a tenanus shot and antibiotics, which he initially refused.

“Yo no creo en las drogas. Sólo rememidies naturales,” he said.

He is currently recovering.

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