LINCOLN, NEBRASKA – A yard fire spread quickly when a woman, Stacey Jones, tried to extinguish it with water from her dog’s bowl, which was filled with gasoline.

The fire started in the shrubs behind her house after Jones flicked a cigarette butt that went a little too far.

“The fire just went voom,” she said.

From there the fire quickly engulfed the house.

Investigators say the mother’s 33-year-old daughter mistakenly filled the water bowl with gas from a nearby canister.

“My daughter has a drug and drink problem and has bipolar disorder and ADHD and narcissistic personality disorder. She sometimes gets things mixed up. She also claims she talks to the spirit world,” Jones said. “Maybe a spirit voice told her to fill the dog’s bowl with gas.”

Firefighters responded to the fire around 10:30 a.m. Sunday. It took about an hour for crews to put out the fire, which had spread to the neighbor’s house. Nobody was hurt at either house, except for Jones’ dog who died in the fire.

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