Civil rights sell-out: Biden State Department gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies unrestricted access to personal data on millions of Americans

(Natural News) The personal data of more than 145 million Americans is being indiscriminately handed over by the Biden regime’s State Department to various law enforcement and intelligence agencies for illegal and unconstitutional probing, according to a letter sent from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Without any proper legal due process or apparent oversight, Biden’s State Department is reportedly pulling private information from people’s passport applications without their knowledge or consent and passing it off to other government agencies. Wyden’s letter is part of an ongoing investigation into Operation Whistle Pig, a wide-ranging leak investigation launched by a Border Patrol agent and several of his supervisors at the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s National Targeting Center.

“I write to express serious concern that the Department of State is providing law enforcement and intelligence agencies with unfettered access to personal data, originally collected through passport applications, of the more than 145 million Americans with a passport,” Wyden’s letter reads.

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Analyst: US coup failure in Pakistan ‘a sign that Empire’s days as hegemon are over’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a rally in Islamabad on Sunday, March 27, 2022. (Photo by the Associated Press of Pakistan)

An American political analyst and journalist says the US coup failure against the government of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is “a sign that Empire’s days as hegemon are over.” 

For the first time in the history of Pakistan’s parliament, its members chanted “Death to America” as they rejected a no-confidence vote, which sought to oust Prime Minister Khan, saying “foreign powers” are interfering in the country’s democratic process.

Qasim Khan Suri, the National Assembly deputy speaker, dismissed the no-trust move against the prime minister on Sunday, terming it as “contradictory” to Article 5 of Pakistan’s Constitution.

Suri said that the motion was presented on March 8 and should be conducted according to the law and the Constitution, stressing, “No foreign power shall be allowed to topple an elected government through a conspiracy.”

The Pakistani president later dissolved the National Assembly on Khan’s advice.

“The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, has approved the advice of the Prime Minister,” a statement from his office said, meaning fresh elections must be held within 90 days.

Khan on Saturday accused the United States of being behind the parliamentary the no-confidence motion, calling it an attempt at regime change backed by Washington.

Pakistani MPs chant ‘Death to America’ as they reject Khan’s no-confidence motion The Pakistani parliament rejects a no-confidence vote to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan, as MPs chant “Death to America.”

The Pakistani PM had earlier accused an unnamed “foreign power” – in a clear reference to the United States – of funding a “conspiracy” to topple his democratically-elected government.

Addressing a large rally in the capital Islamabad last week, Khan said the “foreign power” sent millions of dollars to opposition parties to launch a no-confidence vote against him in the parliament.

“That ‘foreign power’ hasn’t been doing too well lately,” New York-based journalist Don DeBar said, adding “You can call it ‘Empire Collapse.’ They’re 0 for 3 in the past year alone. And their efforts in the last past few years haven’t been a tremendous success, either.”

“Last year, they failed in Belarus and Kazakhstan. They also failed in Honduras – the 2009 coup was undone in the election earlier this year and their attempted coup in the legislature also failed,” DeBar said.

And the analyst provided some additional examples.

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Wholly corrupt FBI guilty of pushing flawed “bullet markings” junk science in order to win gun-related convictions

(Natural News) If ever there was a federal agency that simply needed to go away, it’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – one of the most corrupt, unconstitutional, self-serving agencies ever created in our country.

When the bureau isn’t busy conducting false flag attacks on our nation’s Capitol to ensnare supporters of a president the bosses could not stand, they are working to entrap Americans in ridiculous “plots” like “kidnapping” a Democratic governor.

And now, according to the Daily Beast, one of the bureau’s top lawyers has been outed citing bogus “science” in order to win more anti-gun convictions.

“Late last year, a forensic firearms analyst in Wisconsin emailed a remarkable document to more than 200 of her colleagues across the country. It was a handout from an online lecture given by Jim Agar, the assistant general counsel for the FBI Crime Lab,” the news outlet reported.

“For years, forensic firearms analysts have claimed the ability to examine the marks on a bullet found at a crime scene and match it to the gun that fired it—to the exclusion of all other guns. It can be powerfully persuasive to juries. But over the last decade or so, some scientists have cast doubt on the claim.”

The alleged technique is part of a subcategory of forensics that is known as “pattern matching,” where an FBI analyst looks at some evidence gathered at a crime scene and then compares it with some evidence that is associated with a suspect.

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The globalists have LOST – Humanity withdraws consent from the tyrants and lets the system crash and burn

(Natural News) The Canadian truckers and freedom protesters deserve huge credit for bringing humanity to a tipping point against tyranny. Thanks to the courage, determination and dedication to peace that’s demonstrated by Canada’s protesters, humanity is withdrawing its consent from government tyrants all over the world.

Globalism is crashing, and centralization of power is being ripped to shreds. The entire model of globalism is dead, and no human being that’s aware and alive right now wants to return to a society structured as a top-down, totalitarian, centralized control system of global enslavement run by a few hundred hyper-wealthy freakazoids like Zuckerberg and Gates.

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