When somebody triggers us, it is rarely them who is causing the pain we are experiencing. It is rather that they are rubbing against a painful wound in our past. If a boss tells you that your work just isn’t good enough, it would have very little effect if you didn’t already believe that you weren’t good enough. If your parents made you feel ashamed of a B report card as a kid, you may go through life believing that you aren’t good enough, and when somebody comes along and rubs that wound, it will be 10X more painful than if you didn’t have that pre-existing belief about yourself. I hope that makes sense.

If somebody tells us we’re stupid and we know in our heart that we’re not, their words will have little meaning to us. If we already believe that we’re stupid in our heart (even though we know in our head that we’re not), then somebody comes along and speaks the lie that we already believe in our heart, that will trigger us. We’re here trying to deny that awful perceived fact, and how dare somebody comes up to us and tell us something that we’re already struggling with!

Rarely our present pain is caused by the present condition. The present condition is almost always triggering something we already believe about ourself or about God because of past experiences.

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