Have you ever known something to be true but just didn’t feel like it was true? Like for example, let’s say you were struggling with feeling forgiven and loved by God you knew from scripture that God loves you and forgives you, but somehow you just don’t feel like that is true. Your emotions tell you otherwise. You struggle feeling like you are not loved or forgiven, but yet you know it’s just not true. Most of us have struggled with something that we know in our minds is not true, but in our hearts we sure feel like it’s true (that is, if we are honest with ourselves). Did you know that you can hold two opposing beliefs at the same time? Did you know that you can believe one thing in your mind such as “God supplies all my needs” yet the minute you lose your job start having a panic attack? Or no matter how many times you’re told that you are forgiven (and quoted all the great scriptures), you still question or wonder if you really are? That is because what you believe in your mind (logical belief) is not always the same thing that your heart believes because of what you have experienced. A good counselor can deal with what you logically believe and work through your issues on a head-level, but the Holy Spirit will work with you on a heart-level, and that makes a world of difference. I’m not saying counselors are ineffective and worthless, but there are many times they only scratch the surface and bring limited healing God wants to bring deep level healing and complete restoration in that person’s heart. True and genuine healing at the heart level brings lasting freedom and effortless victory for that individual.

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