Rebellion is related to pride and is the refusal to submit to God’s authority and it is the spirit which leads men to do wicked things which hurt God’s heart. Let us remember that God is good, wise and righteous. Rebellion against God then, is stupid and evil. It is wrong. It deserves to be punished, isolated, eradicated for the good of God and the whole Universe.

It is the rebellious nature in man that makes him want to disobey God’s word and do his own thing. This rebellious nature must be put to death before man could ever become a loving, trusting obedient son of God.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, according to God’s Word. (1 Sam 15:23). God hates it intensely and will never accept it. It is not right to rebel against God, because God is good and just and never makes bad decisions. The rebel considers he knows better than God. It is this pride which causes him to refuse to listen to the word or voice of God. Cutting himself off from God’s wisdom, the rebel is a fool. He is the fool mentioned in the book of Proverbs. Those who don’t listen to God’s word can never please God. You must make up your mind which you prefer – the spirit of rebellion or the spirit of obedience to God. If you want to know God and be forgiven you must lay down your rebellion and admit that you were wrong in it. This means going a different way to the rest of the world which is led by this spirit of rebellion against God. You must make the choice.

Many people are shocked and offended by this kind of black and white teaching. Many consider themselves quite good – and certainly not deserving any kind of condemnation. The next lesson on the law of God, however, reveals something of the standard which God calls for from us, who owe our existence and prosperity and all that we enjoy to God and His creative power. We should consider ourselves at least once in our life in the light of God’s Law – before deciding whether we think we need a Saviour or not.

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