16. Cannot be Counted on When You Need Help

A self-centered person is not interested in helping others unless they can benefit from it. That is why it is hard to rely on them. Even if they are your family or friend, they will not sacrifice time, effort, or resources to help you.

17. Stingy Even When They Have a Lot of Money

Their money only works for them. They want to be rich solely for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Unlike selfless individuals who willingly shell out money to help others in need, selfish people are stingy. They prefer receiving than giving.

18. Never Available When Someone Asks for Their Time

If you need someone to talk to, you cannot count on a selfish person to be available for you. They do not care about your hurts or problems. They will tell you they are busy, only to find out later they have been shopping with friends.

19. Questionable Loyalty

Most selfish people are two-faced. While they treat you nicely when you are together, they will say unpleasant things about you when with people you are in conflict with. They are only loyal to themselves. Instead of choosing to side with someone, they will try to keep both parties in their hands so they can take advantage of them.

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