20. Likes Talking About Their Achievements

Wanting to impress everyone, this kind of person often brags about their triumphs. Whenever they hear someone praising another person for an accomplishment, selfish individuals will automatically divert the conversation toward themselves. They will open up about the same or related achievements, making it sound like they have done better.

21. Is Not Happy for Others’ Success

A selfish person does not like being surpassed by others. They want others to admire them, but they cannot make themselves admire others. That is why it is hard for them to be happy for other people who achieve something—even if the person is their friend.

22. Does Not Admit and Apologize for Mistakes

A prideful, selfish person will never admit they are wrong. Therefore, do not expect them to apologize for causing problems and hurting people. They will always justify their actions because they think everything they do is right.

23. Will Not Accept Defeat

Do not expect a self-centered individual ever to accept defeat. Even in sports, it is hard for them to show sportsmanship. Whenever they get defeated by opponents, they will only accept that with a grain of salt. Instead, they will be going around, spreading a rumor that they have been duped.

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