7. Does Not Care If Others are Uncomfortable Because of Them

Since they are self-centered, do not expect this kind of person to think about what others feel. They can be straightforward, even though they know they might offend someone. And even if they are not welcome in a place, they will still go simply because they want to.

8. Puts Themselves Before Others, Even Family

Do not expect a selfish person to care about others, even their own family members. They only look after themselves. They are not willing to sacrifice time or resources, even if they know someone close to them is in dire need.

9. Carelessly Tactless

As mentioned in no. 7, an egotistical person can be straightforward without caring about how others feel. They are tactless and will not try to find gentle words when talking to someone. What only matters to them is they get their message across.

10. Disregards Others’ Beliefs

This kind of person is often closed-minded. They think they are always right, and it is their duty to correct others. They are disrespectful to other people’s beliefs or principles simply because those are different from their own.

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