12. Stalks You on Social Media

One of the reasons why someone wants to destroy you is insecurity. They cannot accept that you are doing better than them. The hate they feel will cause them to be obsessed with proving that they are greater than you. One of its manifestations is stalking you on social media. They want to be updated with your life because they look forward to seeing you fail.

13. Wants to Talk About You All the Time

Another hint that a person is obsessed with seeing you fall is their interest in talking about your life. They like asking others about your personal life, plans, relationships, and even acknowledgments. They want to be updated with your life. Probably, a colleague has noticed this and let you know about their observation.

14. Copies Your Style

You can also tell that a person is obsessed with competing with you because they tend to copy your fashion style. Of course, they will add or remove something to make it less noticeable. And they will always come up with a more glamorous version.

15. Wants Everything You Have

This person is not only mimicking your fashion style but seems to want everything you want. From the car model to the desk organizer design, they seem to copy yours. You can tell they are also after your job position or organization role. If you are in a relationship and this individual knows your partner, this person may even try to flirt with your beau.

16. Observes You All the Time

How can you tell if a person is observing you a lot? They know your mistakes, even the small ones you thought no one noticed. Also, they clearly remember your statements, especially those that can be used against you.

17. Is Not Happy When You Achieve Something

Aside from downplaying your accomplishments, this person is obviously unhappy with them. Expect them to be absent during your celebration parties, and they will not even congratulate you.

18. Always Trying to Prove They are Better Than You

Another sign that a person wants to ruin you is how they always want to prove that they are better than you. Whenever someone praises you for your accomplishments or ideas, this insecure person will find a way to talk about their ‘better’ suggestions and ‘greater’ achievements.

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