7. Never Acknowledges the Good Things You Do

You know that this person does not like you if they cannot compliment you for your good deeds. Whenever you excel at something, they will never congratulate you for it. Worse, they might even focus on minor, irrelevant flaws.

8. Always Opposes Your Suggestions or Ideas

Have you noticed that this person never agrees with any of your suggestions? They will never buy your ideas no matter how much you give your best in presenting them. Sometimes they can tell you why they do not like it, but there are times when they simply shrug.

9. Downplays Your Success

Aside from not acknowledging your victories, this person will always downplay them. For this individual, those are small wins, and nothing is special about them. This is a typical trait of someone who wants to destroy you.

10. Supports Those Who Oppose You

Factions and conflicts are not uncommon in any organization. What is surprising is there is this particular colleague who will always join forces with those you clash with.

11. Never Defends You

In connection to no. 10, you cannot expect this person to defend you from criticism. In fact, they may even join them in ranting against you.

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