As a maturing Technocracy, China is steeped in genetic modification of everything that concerns the food supply. GMO milk at scale could negatively affect health of huge numbers of people. Technocrats invent because they are compelled, not because there is an informed demand to do so. ⁃ TN Editor

China claims to have cloned mutant “super cows” that can pump out nearly twice as much milk.

Beijing boffins boast they created three cows which can annually produce 18 tons of milk – which is 17,500 litres or 37,000 pints.

So the three “super cows” alone could produce 300 tons of milk a year.

And that yield of milk production is more than double the average cow in the UK, with is around 8,000 litres or 14,000 pints.

Chinese state media reports the breeding program the “stranglehold” of having to import cows from overseas.

The calves were cloned from cows at different farms that have high milk production.

And they also selected cows that have high fertility – with China dreaming of creating a herd of 1,000 of these “super cows”.

Jin Yaping, the scientist’s lead project, said the took tissues from the cows’ ears to “reincarnate” them.

They then transplanted the cloned embryos into 120 cows, according to Northwest A&F University.

Some 42 per cent were successfully impregnated and 17.5 per cent remained fertile for 200 days.

The three cloned cows births were announced this week.

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