The United Kingdom has launched a new program to manipulate and goad people into accepting “a net zero society” as the solution to so-called “climate change.”

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), as it is called, was launched by the UK government in 2021 and eventually taken over by Nesta, a self-described independent charity focused on innovation. Nesta recently put out a “guide” outlining some of the techniques that are being used to psychologically provoke the general public into accepting a new normal to fight global warming.

Greenhouse gas emissions, the report states, are evil and must be done away with by the government. One way to do this is by launching a “nudge unit” to corral the human herd into embracing a future filled with green fascism and the loss of all freedoms, which we are told destroy the planet.

The stated purpose of the nudge unit is to brainwash people into living shackled lives for fear that if they don’t, the planet will melt, the oceans will rise, and everyone will die from the polar ice caps turning into water.

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