An RSPCA officer and firefighters in Leeds, England, came to the rescue of a squirrel spotted with its head stuck inside a discarded toilet paper tube. Photo courtesy of the RSPCA

July 20 (UPI) — Animal rescuers and firefighters in Britain came to the assistance of a squirrel found 30 feet up in a tree with a discarded toilet paper tube stuck around its head.

The RSPCA said Animal Rescue Officer Dave Holgate responded to a call about a squirrel in distress in Meanwood, Leeds, England, and he arrived to find the rodent on a tree branch about 30 feet up with the cardboard tube stuck around its head.

Holgate called the local fire brigade for assistance and they were able to use specialist poles to bring the squirrel down to the ground.

Holgate said he was able to remove the tube and release the squirrel back into the wild.

“It was a good job the squirrel was spotted as he would have been unable to feed and was obviously terrified,” Holgate said in an RSPCA news release. “Litter is one of the biggest hazards our wildlife faces today — and it’s something that’s very easy to resolve.”

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