A poor me attitude can be a curse that keeps you from accomplishing your goals and reaching your potential.

It is important to have a positive attitude in life, because a negative attitude will only get you in trouble. If you have an attitude of being sorry for yourself or being bitter about what has happened in your past, then it will be hard for God to bless you with His favor. A poor me attitude can make people believe that they are not worthy of anything good happening to them. This type of thinking will prevent them from moving forward with their lives and achieving their goals and dreams.

A person who has been cursed with this type of thinking will often blame everyone else but themselves for why things haven’t been working out well for them lately instead of taking responsibility for themselves by changing their attitudes toward others as well as changing their own behavior patterns so that they no longer display characteristics associated with those curses listed above (which could include making excuses instead of taking action).

If someone does not want his/her life situation changed because he/she thinks there’s nothing he/she can do about it anyway; then he/she might as well just give up now before trying anything else! But think again: if we don’t try something new now while there’s still time left over until tomorrow arrives; then tomorrow may never come!

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