Have you ever wanted to truly break free from the chains of emotional baggage from your past? Were you abused as a child, and it seemed to have scarred your life forever? Many people, even with professional counseling never get the healing and freedom that God intended for us. Do you honestly think that God wants us to struggle through life because of the things which happened to us? Absolutely not! So why are so many Christians struggling with the same issues over and over again throughout their entire life? Why do we have to forgive so-and-so over and over again, and every time she pulls our trigger, we have to make the choice to forgive her once again. The problem never really goes away, it is just suppressed. Is this the king of victory Jesus wanted us to experience? Absolutely not.

I like to get to the root of things and understand what is really going on in that person’s situation so the real problem can be solved. A good bandaid just doesn’t do the job for me I’m not satisfied with temporary fixes. I want real answers that really work! I want the people I minister with to experience breakthrough that changes their life and doesn’t keep coming back. I don’t want you to have to forgive your offender 100 times and still be triggered every time he says the wrong thing. I want you to stop wishing you could love those who wrong you, but to actually start feeling compassion and love for them, and having the genuine desire to pray God’s will into their lives and feel it in your heart. We all wish we could do that for those who hurt us, but few of us really experience that level of transformation in our hearts. The type of ministry work of the Holy Spirit that I am about to share with you in this teaching is the most life-changing type of ministry approach that I have ever seen. The Holy Spirit wants to heal your deepest wounds so you can live in effortless victory and genuine healing.

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