The good news for those who have had an abortion is that they can be forgiven, and set free from the aftermath of it. It is almost always necessary that such individuals go through a deliverance to rid themselves of any unclean spirits that they have picked up, tear down strongholds that have come on the scene, receive quality post-deliverance discipleship and maintain a healthy relationship with God so that they can receive and hold on to their freedom. It may be possible to receive a measure of freedom without a deliverance, but I would never bypass this step if I had an abortion (murder) in my background. It’s possible to experience a certain amount of freedom, without dealing with the root, but in such cases they will still remain in bondage in some way or another and it just doesn’t go away. If unclean spirits are involved, then the partial freedom that they find will be continued to be challenged, and fought for as the spirits continue to work on the person to pull them down and torment them. After complete deliverance, the person may still need post-deliverance discipleship, but the problems will go away and the person will not have to continually fight against the negative ‘pull’ in their system.

If the person has allowed guilt and shame to overtake them for a measure of time, then it is vital to tear down strongholds as well. True repentance of such a sin is an absolute necessity, and without which, true deliverance cannot be attempted. Abortion must be repented of for what it really is, and that is murder of an innocent child. The person must learn to forgive themselves as well for what they have done, and learn to love and accept themselves as Jesus loves and accepts them. They also need to believe and accept the forgiveness that Jesus has for them (have Bible verses handy to assure them of God’s forgiveness). It is also important to be sure that any bad soul ties (sex outside marriage) is broken, and the sin of fornication (or adultery) needs to be brought before the Lord in repentance as well before the deliverance process begins. After true repentance has happened and legal grounds have been broken up (bad soul ties broken, etc.), then it’s time to move on to tearing down any strongholds that are present and begin casting out the spirits that have entered the person.

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