“He didn’t get far,” the Gadsden Times reports. (Getty Images/Merrimon)

An alleged thief in Alabama tried to evade police by hopping in a river kayak, only to capsize shortly after, authorities say. Numerous people had called Hokes Bluff Police on Friday to report the man, who was allegedly seen wandering through backyards and stealing a lawn mower and leaf blower, reports the Gadsden Times. Some residents had confronted the man by early afternoon, prompting him to flee to the Coosa River, according to Police Chief Tyler Roe. Officers arrived soon after and tracked the suspect down the river. “They’d have eyes on him, then lose him, then catch sight of him again,” Roe said. They didn’t have to watch long.

“He didn’t get far before the kayak flipped, and he started swimming to the bank, where officers were waiting for him,” per the Times, which adds the suspect was “tackled” and arrested. The Attalla man—now charged with burglary, theft of property, attempt to elude, and resisting arrest—told police he was stealing items to sell so he could get his girlfriend’s vehicle out of impound, Roe told the Times, adding police had towed the vehicle from the area on Friday morning. The chief also thanked Glencoe police and the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office for assistance, noting the sheriff’s office had prepared to send a boat to meet the man “head on.”

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