• Have you robbed God by withholding his due of time, talents and money?
  • Have you given less than a tenth of your income for God’s work?
  • Have you failed to support mission work either in prayer or in offerings?

It sounds strange to ask if we’ve robbed God of what he gives us, but the deep truth is that God provides everything to us and we will show if we can be trusted with it. We have all met people who are happy to take. Are they just as happy to give? Are we this way?

Or how about giving on “my terms.” We want to give what we no longer need or want to whom we choose. Do we disregard what God’s asking us to do… and to do joyfully?

God tells us what he wants for us. He lets us know where we can help, especially when we pray about it. Perhaps we are called to give more of our personal time to serving others. Maybe it’s donating to a special charity, a Christian radio station, a friend or family member in need.

While we confess greed in our lives, we can combat it by giving. The most important element is giving God’s way, which he tells us in our hearts.

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