A University of Tennessee fraternity has been suspended for putting Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (considered by some to be the world’s hottest hot sauce) inside a pledge’s penis and other cruel hazing rituals.

Students trying to join the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha said they were also subject to two hours of nude paddling plus each pledge had to sacrifice a goat.

“We know hazing happens,” said Dave Williams, UT fraternity system director. “And we talk to each fraternity president before and during pledge week, but we obviously can’t stop it all. This is the worst case of hazing I have ever seen.”

All Alpha Phi Alpha pledges made it through the paddling and each managed to sacrifice a goat, but the hazing session fell apart once the hot sauce was put into the first pledge.

“Apparently the victim ran screaming from the frat house to the hospital. He was in so much pain he had to be heavily sedated with morphine while the medical staff flushed out the hot sauce. Thankfully, the other pledges were not subjected to the hot sauce. I think at that point the fraternity brothers realized that the hot sauce wasn’t a good idea.”

The university’s investigative documents show the hospitalized hazing victim threatened to sue the school if the fraternity was allowed to continue to operate there.

“We’re really sorry about this,” said Alpha Phi President. “It won’t happen again. Sorry, Tyler.”

But the terse apology wasn’t enough to satisfy university officials. The chapter is suspended indefinitely and a criminal investigation is pending.

“The only silver lining in this very dark cloud is the sacrificed goat meat was able to be salvaged and  donated to the local food bank,” Williams said.

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