He suffered cat-astrophic injuries.

A UK man miraculously survived after sustaining a broken neck, fractured spine, smashed ribs, blood in his lungs and other “car crash”-evoking injuries from — wait for it — tripping over his cat.

“I can’t remember much, just falling fast — it was quick and it was over within seconds, then I was at the bottom,” victim Chris Rowley, 59, told the Mirror.

The freak “Apocalypse Meow” accident reportedly occurred on the evening of Oct. 23 while the Leicestershire-based professional musician was home alone with his hairless Egyptian sphinx kitten, Eric Morecambe.

Disaster struck after the wrinkly kitty, apparently feeling playful, dove out and latched onto one of its owner’s legs while he was coming down the stairs.

“It took a bit of a chunk out my leg then I lost my footing,” described Rowley, who reportedly tumbled down 14 steps before arriving at the bottom, where he lay unable to move when his feline put the “hell” in Hello Kitty.

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