Think about that regarding yourself and where you are today.   Have you done this yet?

The most significant moment in anyone’s life is when God begins to deal with you about repentance. But if you shrug your shoulders and say “well I’m not interested, maybe later”…there’s no guarantee that God will deal with you again,
or that you’ll get another tomorrow.

The most critical moment in anyone’s life is when God deals with your heart. When he says “Come back to me.  I’m willing to take you back.  I love you, I want you.”

One thing you can see throughout the bible that really makes God angry is despising God’s grace. He’s saying to you now: Come to me. Turn to me and let me help you.

If you’ve never known the forgiveness of God that is found through Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection, He invites you to come to Him and believe. He paid the ultimate price by laying down His life, as an atonement for your sins to be pardoned by God’s grace for whoever will put their trust in Him alone. Not Jesus plus other religions, or gods, idols, or sins.

But you’ve got to repent and ask Him in; trust what Jesus did on the cross for you (even if you don’t understand it all yet), and stop trying to be ‘good enough’ for God. You and I will never be good enough- if we could have then Jesus never would have needed to die for us.

If you’ve once known Jesus Christ as His son or daughter and you’ve backslidden (walked away from God into sin), come back to Him now. Don’t wait.  Repent of your wayward heart.

Either way, I hope you will take some time with Almighty God who is right there by your side now- waiting. Use your own words to repent- turn back to Him everyday for strength and relationship, and away from the life of sin.

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