“As we become silent, we have two aims:

1. Remove external distractions.

First, it is important to remove distractions. Life can be fast-paced. We may be overwhelmed with busyness and activities. We may feel we can’t slow down. Our busyness can get in the way of having time alone.

Find a specific time and place for solitude. Turn off any distracting noise in the background. Take the time to experience God’s presence.

2. Silence internal distractions.

Second, besides removing outside distractions, it is essential to silence our inner being. That is, banish all the thoughts within us that pull our attention away. If something needs to be taken care of later, write it down and then forget about it for now.”  -‘The section Two Steps for How to ‘Be Still’ and Silent” is excerpted from Deborah Nayrocker’s Encouragement to be Still and Know God’s Love on Crosswalk.com

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