Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety disorder that can cause people to constantly and persistently experience feelings of anxiety, worry, tension and nervousness.

It’s worthy to note that GAD is unlike a phobia, because a phobia is connected to a specific object or situation, whereas the anxiety from GAD is a general, all-encompassing feeling of persistent dread and unease.

People who have generalized anxiety disorder typically feel nervous and stressed, even when there’s no logical reason for this. For example, they may feel anxious in a common, everyday situation, with no clear cause.

Generalized anxiety disorder is a common disorder, affecting approximately 5.7 percent of US adults at some point in life. Like other anxiety disorders, it can vary in severity, causing severe symptoms for some and less significant symptoms for others.

Luckily, generalized anxiety disorder is treatable.

Today, a range of treatment options, including medication and therapy, are available to manage the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and allow people affected by GAD to live normal lives.

Below, we’ve explained what generalized anxiety disorder is, as well as the symptoms you may experience if you have GAD.

We’ve also listed and explained the causes and major risk factors that can contribute to anxiety disorders such as GAD.

Finally, we’ve explained how generalized anxiety disorder can be treated and managed using a range of options, including medication, therapy and changes to your lifestyle.

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