While all of us do have our own preferences for things we like and don’t like, I’d really encourage you not to get trapped that $ex has to look one specific way or meet a certain checklist of qualifications to “count.”

As women, our bodies change a LOT over the course of our lifetimes, especially throughout the childbearing years and then once menopause kicks in. So it only makes sense that $ex is going to look and feel different depending on the season of your life you’re in.

If something hurts or you’re experiencing significant hurdles, absolutely see a doctor. But if $ex is difficult for a season (due to dryness after childbirth or because you’re not in the mood for $ex, for example)that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you! It’s just a part of life. Sometimes $ex is great, other times, not so much. It’s totally normal.

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