MELBOURNE — The headlines are all very similar. “Australian music manager Glenn Wheatley dies aged 74 after contracting COVID-19,” writes 7News. The News Daily wrote, “Music legend Wheatley dies after COVID battle.” Vaccination status is modus operandi in mainstream media headlines when someone who is against masks, mRNA shots, etc. dies of so-called COVID-19. But the journalistic principle of “bury the lede” is the trend in 2022 for stories like this.

Mr. Glenn Wheatley is a well-known bass player, music promoter and talent manager down under. He first gained fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a member of the pop band The Master Apprentices. The band is best known for the hit songs “Turn Up The Radio” (1970) and “Because I Love You” (1971).

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