Spend any time reading my stuff, and you’ll see one thing that separates me from the robotic gurus who parrot crap they hear from everyone else.

You don’t need ‘self-belief’ to do things. You need to act. Many of us make things unwittingly harder for ourselves by trying to find this elusive self-belief. Screw that.

Focus, as we said, on your next steps and take action regardless of how you feel.

Action creates belief effortlessly. You need not find it beforehand. That only creates more self-doubt.

Finally, know that whenever you feel insecure, you can see it as a sign you’re doing the right thing.

You’re leaning into your edges and getting close to reaping the rewards of taking courage.

Keep going, dear warrior, even if a thousand voices scream at you to stop and take the easy route.

We need your strength.

Step into the fire.

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